Castle Durrow Hotel Ireland

Castle Durrow Hotel Ireland

During our business trip to Ireland we had the absolute pleasure of a short visit to Castle Durrow, one of Ireland’s most luxurious Country House Hotels located on the N8 Dublin to Cork Road.


It may be only one hour from Dublin in the midlands of Ireland, adjoining the quaint village of Durrow,Co Laois, but so, so, so worth the pitstop we took!

Castle Durrow is Ireland's Top Leading Castle Wedding Venue and one of Earths superb hidden gems!

But if you have to take an Irish break from your business - and you can get to Durrow, don't bypass this fabulous place, even if only for an afternoon visit.

Castle Durrow - Ireland's leading hotel for short business breaks

The castle was built by Capt. William Flower (later to become Viscount Ashbrook) in 1716 as his family home in the Midlands of Ireland, its pre Palladian design and formal gardens were the height of fashion in their day and the grey blue cut stone contrasts with the breathtaking views of the landscape, which are far-reaching on a clear day.

Castle Durrow’s Restaurant in County Laois overlooks their magnificent gardens, is relaxed and very informal. It is open to non residents [like us] but they say reservations are recommended.

The day we popped in for a visit we were lucky it was a public holiday in Ireland and therefore not many people out and about. Although there were several other guests with us,  we pretty much felt like we had this glorious castle to ourselves.


Castle Durrow - Ireland's leading hotel for short business breaks

Even with those guests we had such peace and quiet to catch up with reading, emailing and quietly discussing some website development and business issues. This quiet time induced lots of inspirational thoughts and creative discussions! That alone made our trip worth the while never mind the stunning setting.

Peter and Shelley bought the castle some time ago [1998] and we hear that Shelley is known to be famous in the local surrounding towns. Without knowing who we were Shelley found time to stop and chat about her cats and dogs amongst other things. We swapped a few 'Afrikaans' stories as well ... we thought that this down-to-earth touch was extra special from someone who clearly must be a V busy lady!

The bar service came with a lovely bright Irish personality attached to it, who spilled forth sparkling Irish wit and humour in his luuvely Irish accent [who can resist a good ol Irish accent].

Castle Durrow is stylish with soft furnishing thoughtfully put together by the owner who also owns the interior decor shop in town. It combines authentic historic building features with modern classy decor -  all around  you see lovely stained glass windows and huge windows with plush curtains.

There are a number of places to sit and relax suited to your mood, for example outside overlooking the vast landscaped gardens. Or in the restaurant and the eating lounge which also serves as a cosy library and restaurant along with a large fireplace in case the wind nips under the castle doors.

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“Stunning grounds, perfect for short breaks, big on tranquillity!”



Price: 7
Value: 7
User Friendly: 7