Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies

Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies

The iPad combines the best of your favorite gadgets into one awesome ultraportable touch device. And, this unique Dummies guide is your one–of–a–kind resource for making the most of all your iPad or iPad 2 has to offer.

Packed with full–color graphics, informative articles, and easy–to–follow step lists, Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies is the latest, must–have iPad accessory.


You′ll have the magic touch and uncover all the amazing things your iPad can do with help from Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies.

The new look magazine format makes it easy scroll up your mag, zip it in your bag or briefcase and learn while on the go.

The large size images indicate areas on your iPad 2 which makes finding things so much quicker. Exploring iPad 2 for Dummies also features pull out features in large block formats down the side or across the bottom of the page.

These jump out at you and takes your eye quickly to highlighted features. For example ... on page 3 the author tells us the iPad screen rotates unless the screen is locked. It can be really irritating when the screen rocks back and forth as you move. We learnt how to orientate the iPad by double clicking on the 'Home Button' and swiping to the side to reveal the on-screen controls. A tap of the 'Rotation Lock' icon sorts this out quickly!

Page 8 has a double page spread on how to sync files to your iPad 2, all done in numbered diagrams so even the extreme novice will pick up the tips and advice.Exploring iPad 2 For Dummies on iHubbub's home business network

  • Learn to navigate the multitouch interface, surf the web, view maps, and even get driving directions, all with a simple touch
  • Listen to your favorite tunes, watch videos, unwind with a great book, video chat with FaceTime, and find apps to indulge all your interests
  • Shoot HD video and photos, add awesome effects, and share it all online
  • Discover cool iPad accessories, customize your device, and get tips for keeping your iPad happy

There is lots to learn in this flip-flop Dummies magazine, from setting up email to bookmarking pages, using apps, videos and pictures, along with adding contacts and using QuickOffice.

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Price: 7
Value: 6
User Friendly: 8