Oxford Good English

Oxford Good English

Oxford Good English by John Ayto is simple to use and has most of the answers to everyday queries about English usage. It is a handy guide in a kinda-pocket size so easy to take out and about if you are an aspiring writer working in coffee shops or getting inspiration from your local village common.


Previously published as The Oxford Essential Guide to the English Language, Get it Right! has been revised and updated.

This is a language problem-solver that will answer all qustions on: BLconfused and misused words BLspelling BLusage BLpronunciation BLgrammar BLpunctuation BLBritish and American English.

For example:
* How do you spell millennium?
* What is its plural?
* What's the difference in meaning between disinterested and uninterested?
* How do you pronounce harass?

With poor spelling, grammar, and usage very much a concern in schools, this is a reference guide for students who need to improve their literacy quickly (suitable for KS3, 4+ in UK). Its clear and simple layout makes it perfect for children of 10+ right through to adults.

The book is ideal for:
* Writers wanting to get Good English into their novels or non-fiction books
* Foreign students needing to perfect their English
* English students ... ditto
* New business start ups who NEED to write Good English in their business communication

* In fact - just about anybody who has questions on grammar, spelling and English language usage.

Good Example

invent verb and discover verb. You discover someting that was there before but which nobody know about. You invent something that wasn't there before. See page 164 to get examples of how to use both of these words in the right context.

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"We love the handy little tabs down the side of the book so you very easily flip-to-find alpha letters for quick easy searching." iHubbub Review

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