Stop Talking Start Doing

Stop Talking Start Doing

Book Review on Shaa Wasmund and Richard Newton's Stop Talking Start Doing.  Have you got an itch to start your own home business, start freelancing, go to the North Pole, retrain for a new career, lose weight, get promoted, learn to play the ukulele?


Or do you just have a nagging sense that there must be more to life? If there is something you really want to do, but secretly fear you’ll never do it, then you need this.

This is your kick in the pants.

To make your thing happen, you have to climb into the ring. You have to face your fears and move from talking to doing.

Of course, it’s right and natural to have fears, but understanding them will keep you on top. And then you’ll find that starting can instantly make things change. So say farewell to the status quo.

And that’s the trick, you see. Simply start somewhere. Anywhere. But do it now. For those working for others or for themselves, for those in love or out of love, for those who are artistic or scientific, the busy and the clock-watchers… but mostly for those with ambition: This is what you need to start.

Waiting is futile. Starting is progress.


Generally I'm not into reading self help books. Not that I don't think I don't need help! Quite the opposite, in fact, I am proud to be a lifelong learner. And as the author of two books - Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site - which show clearly that I taught myself so much over the past few years ...

But self help books in the way of motivation is not something I would naturally reach out and grab off the shelf. Until Shaa and Richard's book was sent to iHubbub by John Wiley for our review page.

Surprisingly, I found Stop Talking Start Doing a light and easy read, fun, even at times.

Lots of quotes offer non-stop inspiration.

An excellent quote on page 29 shows you have to bite the dust and face your fears. I won’t spoil it for you but just to say a photocopy of this page is now on my cork board above my desk.

Shaa talks about ‘your itch’, that restless feeling of having to do something, such as lose weight, find a new job, go travelling.

We've all had one of those and the biggest ones are the toughest to scratch, like a horse rubbing his back up against a tree in a country paddock!

But Shaa says you should be more specific than that, don't just decide to lose weight, decide to lose 7 pounds in x number of weeks. And then they go on to tell you how - not lose weight, but how to make these decisions and stick to them! Hey Shaa, I have decided to scratch that itch and lose 7 pounds in January.

Did you know Bill Gates never finished university? Richard Branson not only left school at 16, but he was dyslexic and Coco Chanel was an orphan at 12 with no formal eduction and Simon Cowell started his working life in a mail room.

And it is inspiring for any start up to know fellow 'start up' Conrad Hilton had a torn, dog-eared photo of the Waldorf on his desk for 18 years until he finally bought the hotel. 18 years! Wow, imagine that kind of focus and determination and vision!

The point: this is solid proof that your attitude, not your education, is what really counts in today’s world.

Shaa finishes by showing you how to deal with the ‘itch’ by taking several actions that will help and pointing out obvious things that don't help, such as staring at the problem, challenge or itch and doing nothing about it.

Mohammed Ali said: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

All in all, a good read, highly recommended for anyone with a restless urge and even more important for those who don't even know they have an itch!

Mark Twain’s advice is to “sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sail. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

My favourite quote in the book! Well - one of my favourites ...

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