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About Linda

I am married with two children aged 27 and 17.

I currently work full time as an Accounts/General Manager for a Waste Baler Company.

My 5 year goal is to retire from the corporate world and to solely work from home on my home business.

My home business is with Visalus a weight management company.

At Visalus we believe in helping fight the obesity epidemic that is gripping places like the UK and US. More and more people including children are now becoming overweight and worse obese so at Visalus we want to help people change their weight situation. Although we deal with weight loss we can also help people who wish to gain some muscle.

We invite people to join our 90 day challenge to help them achieve their goals. The goal is set by the individual and can be whatever they choose such as lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs, run a marathon, walk a mile, increase their activity levels whatever they desire. The key to all of these goals is good nutrition and that is where Visalus comes in. Once you choose your goal then you choose the Visalus package that can help you achieve it. If you are looking to lose weight then you could replace two of your daily meals with a shake, if you are looking to gain weight you could add two shakes to your normal food intake.

The shakes contain an easily absorbed protein called Tri Sorb and also 23 essential vitamins and minerals. The shakes have no added sugar instead a sweetener called Sucralose is used. This makes the shakes great for people with diabetes.

Once on the challenge if you submit a video to the challenge team and you lose 10lbs or gain 10lbs you are entered into a weekly draw in which you could win £600 and you will also get a t-shirt on which is written I Lost It or I Gained It. You are also entered into an overall draw in which the winner will win a holiday, a makeover and cash and lots of other goodies. Also once you lose or gain 10lbs then Visalus donate shakes to children with weight problems.

If all that wasn't enough if you get three people to join you on the challenge you can get your products for free.

If you are loving the challenge and feel that you would also like to promote the challenge then their is a business opportunity attached to it as well. As part of the business you can earn money, a car, holidays and lots of other goodies.

Take at a look at to see some of the great results that have been achieved on the challenge.


  • Join the 90 Day Challenge




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