Sensee HomeAgent Network

Sensee HomeAgent Network

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About Sensee Home Agent Network

Sensée is a virtual contact centre outsourcer. We are proud to be the only company that provides quality work, on an employed and flexible basis. We connect at-home customer service advisors to big corporations, so people like you can work conveniently from the comfort and safety of their homes.

HomeAgents are best described as the modern age contact centre advisors. Their main role is to interact with customers through calls, emails or chat, but unlike standard contact centre agents, HomeAgents work well, uh, from home!

There are many advantages to being part of Sensée:

By working from home, HomeAgents can login and out from their home workstation with ease. This means they can work short or split shifts spread throughout the day rather than a full 8-hour shift. Additionally through the Sensée Scheduling system HomeAgents get some liberty to design their own shifts around their lives, bringing a new dimension of convenience to working.

Sensée has a diverse portfolio of high quality clients. This means that you can find a client that suits you (and vice versa) to grow and develop with, and speaking of growing, Sensée is one the UK’s fastest growing companies, and that means evermore opportunity for everyone in our team.

From your home office, you are better focused on the customer to deliver true value and service excellence. No background noise, no distractions, it is just you and the customer, but with the support of a committed team of professionals at the click of a button when you need.