Skills Pitch Guidelines

Why wait to find a remote, virtual freelance or home working job. Instead consider pitching your CV or Freelance Portfolio to prospective employers, clients, members who use our Home Business Directory and any iHubbub visitor who may need your freelance or home working skills.

You can do this with a CV or Portfolio Pitch or even pop up a Video Pitch.

Here are some guidelines that you might like to consider when constructing your ‘Pitch Yourself’ profile:

1. You only have limited space so use it wisely.

2. We’re looking for your very best high impact elevator pitch (ie. If you’ve got the boss in an elevator for 10 seconds, what are you going to say to him/her to ensure you get the job)

3. Make a bold but true statement about you the person and your key strengths.

4. Quickly state a major success or two that you’ve been responsible for, things that would impress any employer.

5. What business opportunities and problems have you experience of handling (this avoids tedious listing of job/industry experience.

6. Talk about your skills that are transferable so that they will be relevant to as many employers as possible.

7. When you’ve written it out, read it out load to someone you know. Ask their advice from an employer’s point of view. Now write it out again, cutting down on the words and being more direct and energetic.

8. Check all grammar and spelling.

9. When entering your 'Description' please remember that this is one of the most important areas as this is what will entice a potential employer to make contact with you.

Use this to 'sell' yourself as this is the first information an employer will read. If it is worded wisely to show your skills, an employer will want to make contact with you. Our research proves that an employer wants to 'see' and 'feel' your personality before they contact you, so show your enthusiasm and let your character shine through.

10. You will be amazed at how many people don't check their information, spell their name and address with lower case or simply don't double check their details. Make sure your Skills Pitch looks good from beginning to end. Remember that this is a reflection on you and your ability. Employers and people looking to outsource skills to freelancers need to see competence before they will contact you.

11. Your iHubbub Skills Pitch is aimed at promoting your experience and skills and motivate home business owners, recruiters and anyone needing your skillset to make contact with you. Keep your profile up to date and come back at on a regular basis to add new details that may inspire them to get in touch with you.

12. Keywords rule our lives - so make them rule yours by adding all your skills and experience in the 'Keywords' field box. This will help your Skills Pitch get noticed. Add the best keywords to describe your skills in 25 words.

Search For Jobs 

If you have registered your CV with us there are a few ways of searching for jobs:

1) Click on the various Job Sectors and Job Type landing pages in our sub navigation menu to find remote working, freealance, home franchise, self employed and home based jobs. Some jobs are posted on iHubbub, while others are hosted on our partner sites.
2) You can also click on the search box and you use keywords to find Jobs.
4) To see the full list of all our jobs posted click submit without selecting region, sector or work type.

5) To see more specific details, click your selection before submitting. This will define your search to your criteria. 



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