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Samantha Stimpson

Samantha Stimpson

Marketing Admin

I am currently working as a Personal/Marketing Assistant for a contract sales organisation and am seeking to move to Spain in the near future. I would like to continue my marketing work remotely as I enjoy every aspect of this role. In my current role I carry out general PA duties and my marketing role consists of creating and writing articles for our monthly newsletter, updating our social media sites and blogs and using tools to record monthly statistics (i.e traffic improvements to our website by using social media etc).

Further to this I have also recently started working 4 hours a month as an e-commerce manager for a health company; this includes updating their social media sites and compiling articles for their monthly newsletter.

In February 2012 I attended a marketing day course; this gave me lots of tips and ideas to use for successful email marketing, social media and SEO. I have a very keen eye for detail and design and feel I work well within the marketing role as I am confident and have a great understanding of the internet.

As you will see in my CV my job roles in Australia were based on my visa restrictions which meant I could only work for one company for six months, therefore I worked for a few companies and mainly in temporary roles.

I am looking for a Marketing role and I feel that my work experience will provide a good insight to Publishing and provide the opportunity to utilise my PA and Marketing skills within a creative environment, which really appeals to me. While I feel I am established and confident in my role as a PA, Marketing is an area which has been newly introduced to me but one I am keen to develop in.

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Samantha Stimpson
United Kingdom

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Job type : Freelance
Home Business
Remote or Mobile
Self Employed
Work From Home
My Profession : Marketing Admin
Industry Sector Experience : Admin, Secretarial and Languages
Advertising, Creative and Design
Marketing and Sales Jobs
Medical and Health Jobs
Experience :1 - 2 years