Email Marketing Executive

Ania Karwowska


Digital Marketer

Dear Manager–

I am very interested in the Email Marketing Executive role and would like to ask you to take a moment to review my resume.

Below you can find a summary of my experience and achievements.

• I manage the development of Vista Hotel Group Ltd online, e-mail and new media marketing activity with objective to grow night sales, database, development, special events, restaurant revenue and drive global audience engagement
• I managed international projects as a member of an international team (USA, UK, India) which helped me to understand the cultural differences and taught how to conduct business in the International environment
• As the Internal Communications Executive I was responsible for managing communications between 200+ internal colleagues, gathering suggestions, carrying out satisfaction surveys in order to improve work efficiency
• I worked on promotions for the Kickers Urban Music Awards 2007 organized in London by Invincible Media, and an international ballroom dancing competition event with 1000+ audience
• I’ve spent over two years managing marketing campaigns for companies in industries such as: Travel and Leisure, Sport, Lifestyle and Entertainment, Finance
• I was awarded the William S. Ball Award for Entrepreneurship
• I’m Adobe, Microsoft Office & HTML Literate. I’m also a former Toasmasters International member and 2001 ballroom dancing champion
• I enjoy making information straightforward and accessible, in any medium that encourages a two-way conversation

Please find attached my resume.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Much thanks,
Anna Karwowska

Personal Details

Ania Karwowska
United Kingdom

Pitch Details

Job type : Remote or Mobile
My Profession : Digital Marketer
Industry Sector Experience : Hospitality, Leisure and Travel
Experience :3 - 5 years
Career Level :Manager