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Web Developer

Mikhail Go


Website Developer

Are you looking for a Experienced Developer with 4 years experience that can create responsive websites, optimized

websites,secured websites,and also ecommerce systems? then here am I

I have built responsive ecommerse website stores business, schools and retail websites. I also optimize websites so

load faster and add security to websites.

This opportunity is an interesting opportunity for me to apply and further develop my knowledge and skill. I

Develop Websites and Graphics that could captivate the Viewers on the Web. I am a person who is responsible and

very determined in finishing the task and can make the company happy by creating top notch quality websites.

also would you kindly view one the image i sent that's the services i offer for my clients from the past that is

what i do :)
so you can check my list of services i can add to your company.

Personal Details

Mikhail Go

Pitch Details

Job type : Freelance
Home Based Franchises
Home Business
Remote or Mobile
Work From Home
My Profession : Website Developer
Industry Sector Experience : Human Resources and Legal Jobs
IT and Telecoms Jobs
Experience :3 - 5 years
Career Level :Senior Manager