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Web Developer

Mikhail Go


Website Developer

Are you looking for a Experienced Developer with 4 years experience that can create responsive websites, optimized

websites,secured websites,and also ecommerce systems? then here am I

I have built responsive ecommerse website stores business, schools and retail websites. I also optimize websites so
load faster and add security to websites.

This opportunity is an interesting opportunity for me to apply and further develop my knowledge and skill. I

Develop Websites and Graphics that could captivate the Viewers on the Web. I am a person who is responsible and

also would you kindly view one the image i sent that's the services i offer for my clients from the past that is

what i do :)
so you can check my list of services i can add to your company.

Personal Details

Mikhail Go

Pitch Details

Job type : Freelance
Home Based Franchises
Home Business
Remote or Mobile
Work From Home
My Profession : Website Developer
Industry Sector Experience : Human Resources and Legal Jobs
IT and Telecoms Jobs
Experience :3 - 5 years
Career Level :Senior Manager