Take Card Payment with iZettle

iZettle is offering all iHubbub members the chance to process more than £2,800 of card payments before you pay any transaction fees.  With no monthly fees or contracts our solution gives you the freedom to trial iZettle risk free.

Here's the thing ... when you start up a business and you need to be out and about at expos or events or networking meetings, what on earth do you do about taking mobile payments. 

Today's fantastic mobile technology allows all online sellers to be completely mobile, doing business at every opportunity.

iHubbub found the coolest new gadget for business start ups and we are rushing to bring you the news about iZettle and how you can boost your home business mobile payments solution.

What Is iZettle?

izettle card paymentsiZettle enables you to use your smartphone or tablets to take card payments. It really is that simple. With our great member offer now is the time to sign up

No fixed fees, only 2.75% per transaction

No contract

Chip & Pin card reader £99 + VAT

5 minute online application process

As a member of iHubub we have secured you: 

£80 worth of transaction fees, completely free

That’s £2900 worth of sales without any transaction fees

If you are a home business owner, author or freelancer that would benefit from taking card payments you would never have to lose a sale again, which is a really big bonus.

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iZettle User Patricia Shone

A local potter is spinning heads at art and crafts fairs by using an app and mini card reader from iZettle to turn their iPhone into a secure payment terminal.  The technology means that the Ardvasar based artist can accept card payments at art and craft fairs anywhere in the country.

"It’s blissfully simple," says potter Patricia Shone. "I stopped taking card payments a while ago as it was too expensive an option to offer customers.  The fees and contracts associated with traditional card payment terminals were not worth it.  But with iZettle I avoid those pitfalls."

"iZettle works as technology should.  It not only improves your business, but also helps to make it run more smoothly and efficiently."

It isn’t just Patricia who has enjoyed the benefit of taking payments on her mobile phone either, customers have responded positively too. 

"It’s really gone down well," adds Patricia. "Customers find the technology just as fun and amazing as I do."

iZettle card reader used in a small business cafe"Customers get excited when they see I can take card payments using my iPad, but the biggest advantage for me is that I can keep track of my accounts. Now, I spend more time selling to customers and less time on paperwork."  Travis Drever Mr Wolfe Café

"Taking card payments is very important for those in the arts and craft trade," says Stewart Roberts, UK managing director at iZettle.  "A recent YouGov survey found that over 60% of people usually carry £20 or less in cash on them, yet nearly 93% of people carry a payment card. Not taking cards means missing out on business."

iHubbub Member OfferiZettle card reader offer

iHubbub has teamed up with iZettle to save you money on your transaction fees.

  • £80 worth of transaction fees, completely free
  • Equals £2900 worth of sales without any transaction fees
  • 2.75% per transaction thereafter with no additional fees
  • Mobile card payment device only £99 + vat
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • No fixed fees
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Super mobile
  • Take up to £25,000 a day 

So, when you sign up for an iZettle reader for £99.00 +vat you will receive an £80 voucher towards your transaction fees, which means that you can accept credit card payments at very little cost to you and your business and even free at the beginning with your iHubbub voucher.