iHubbub travels around the home working world!

If your home business or freelance consultancy requires frequent travelling or occasional business trips, you'll need to be updated on the best remote working hotels and travel facilities.

Or if you're a home worker and want to combine business and leisure with your family while staying connected with your home office check out our travel reviews below.

Darting off to Cape Town after being invited to speak at the prestigious Cape Town Book Fair left us in a pickle – where to stay?
Ever wanted to stay in a fairytale German castle? A place filled with history and grandeur? Oh, yes, The steinburg in Wurzburg is your knight in shining armour ... err, hotel.
iHubbub decided to hire a car for a business meeting in Dublin centre with timing issues and the wet weather! We were rather apprehensive with hiring a car in Dublin because we hadn't driven in Dublin before and needed to make sure we got to our morning meeting on time. So car hire was the best option!
Before you take the normal business travel route that could immediately spring to mind when you’re off on a business trip to Dublin or anywhere in Ireland, why not compare the difference between taking a bustling flight with peaceful remote-broadband working while ‘sailing’ with Irish Ferries.
Every home worker, freelance consultant and home business owner needs a weekend break away from their home office. So ... imagine finding a hidden paradise in heart of Glamorgan Heritage Coast.