Vic Bell

Remote or Home Worker.

About Victoria

I would run a home business with so much passion and drive, that it will succeed. I will put everything I have into making a good idea become a successful business. I am so self-motivated that even when I finish my 9-5 job, I come home and work. I love to learn new things and teach myself new skills. I would plan my home business thoroughly to ensure that I always complete the necessary steps in time and do not get too overwhelmed or stressed. I am very organised and a quick, efficient worker which will definitely help me when I have a home business. I will promote my business using both my creative skills and my business knowledge. Through my degree and current job, I have a lot of experience in marketing, advertising, PR, press and website development. I will channel all this into a new business and use my creative skills to come up with new ideas and promotional material. All the runner up prizes would be beneficial to my future success. Each would be a step towards starting and running my own home business. I would love to win the following prizes because... TOSHIBA NB300 – My current laptop has seen me all through University and is running quite slow now. A brand new laptop would allow me to work quicker and use the Internet more efficiently for research, promotion and networking. Olympus DS-2400 Professional Digital Voice Recorder – This prize would allow me to record any seminar, lectures or events that I attend. I could then add my own thoughts and notes, and then reflect on them later. TeamViewer – This is a great idea for increasing and improving networking and learning. It allows information sharing and demonstrations. It would be perfect for learning new skills and discussing ideas. Vitis PR – This prize would allow me to further my knowledge in the PR industry. I have recently attended a course on PR and I am keen to learn more. Sorath Marketing – I am very interesting in marketing and I would love the opportunity to talk to an experienced, professional in this field. Pink Saucer Solutions – Pink Saucer would allow me the time to progress my ideas further and learn more skills to help me to go further in the business world. GLOWS Career Coaching – I would love some advice from a career coach to help to talk through how I can put my skills and intelligence into practice for my own home business. Holidays From Home – This is a strange but compelling idea. After trying the free taster, I would love to fully experience this. Work from Home Book – I love to read, particularly business books which help generate ideas and increase my knowledge further.