Webinar Proposal Guidelines

iHubbub is focused on learning new skills and finding ways you can teach yourself what you need to know to improve yourself and grow your freelance or home based business. Teach iHubbub's home working members with training courses and webinars

We are actively looking for training partners to help our members with everyday basic skill training.

These include everything from how to use software and hardware right up to advanced topics and comprehensive studies on digital marketing, finance planning and business management.

Feature Your Training Courses

If you are a trainer or business coach you may want to submit a training proposal to us and bring your training courses to our visitors and members.

Have a quick read of our training webinar guidelines below as you will need to complete the following information. And then go ahead and give us your training webinar proposal. We look forward to receiving it!

Training Webinar Topic

Give us some specific details about the webinar you are proposing and any links that will help us decide the relevance and value to our visitors and members.


Your headline for your marketing page is the most important part of the webinar you are proposing. It may or may not become the title of your webinar. The headline of your webinar will either entice or repel people to find out more. You only have a second or two to capture their attention so do it with panache and style. Ensure it is clear, understandable and a complete mini synopsis of your webinar topic. Use powerful, active verbs such as ‘how to, success story, benefits and guarantee (if you give one).

Webinar Promise

What is the promise that iHubbub members will gain at the outcome of attending the webinar? How is their life or business going to be different? Remember to define your niche market and understand the biggest problems this market faces so you can understand what they really want and thus gain lots of webinar attendance.

Webinar Description

If your proposal is successful we will use this to promote your webinar. Show a possible problem and give brief benefits of why your webinar can help or solve this challenge. Use up to five bullet points to make the text easy to read, simple and compelling. Here is an example.

Become Google's No 1

Learn how to optimise your website yourself without the need to engage costly development agencies.  

In this complimentary webinar, especially for start ups and home businesses, author of Create A Successful Website and Pimp My Site, Paula Wynne, will be sharing easy to understand strategies for reliable and consistent web traffic growth.

At the end of this webinar you will:

  • Discover how to find the right keywords and where to use them on your site
  • Apply quick and easy On Page Optimisation that could DOUBLE YOUR TRAFFIC
  • Uncover the key areas to place keywords on your page and then optimise them for search engine Metadata
  • Tap into simple daily tasks that keeps Google coming back to index your site

Join iHubbub and Paula Wynne for these easy to implement optimisation tips that you can apply immediately and on a shoestring!

Dates and Times
Please give us an indication of dates and times that you cannot run your webinar so we are aware of this when considering our training webinar timetable.

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