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* Please note the list below is subject to change by the editorial team so please check regularly online. While features are in progress at least two months in advance please submit copy the month prior to publication, but do check in case we have space for late arrival information.


New Year New Learning
New Year always brings new opportunities so iHubbub takes a look at how to infuse your working life with new learning and self teaching methods. We invite trainers and coaches to submit reviews of training products, webinars and online training courses or seminars and workshops.

Spruce Up Your Home Office
Toss out the old habits, throw open the windows to clear the cobwebs and bring in new concepts to get the most from your working environment. Set up your shed, garage, spare room or caravan with a breath of fresh interiors. From wi-fi printers and broadband accessories to garden sheds and light-enhancing conservatories.

Our Home Office Make Over feature will tie in with our Home Office Make Over Competition.




Of Mice and Bluetooth
And what phones, playbooks and mouse-like or wi-fi Bluetooth technology leads the way this year? Will it be an iPad with a wi-fi roll up keyboard? Or should we continue to use ergonomic kit to ensure less strain on our fingers and more speed on the keyboards?

St iHubbub's Day
Love your business: products and services to help you fall back in love with your business all over again. iHubbub takes a look at the most loved-up tools to ensure continued business energy and success. And why not love your business partner too? Give us the chance to share business treats and travel with our home business audience.

International Networking Week
Get ready for some serious mingling in International Networking Week, a chance to get involved with other businesses, the government and communities with events being held all over the world!

This global celebration is organised by Business Network International (BNI), a supportive organisation that allows its members to network and help each other - and having been in business for 24 years, you can be sure they can give you some expert advice!

Throughout International Networking Week, BNI organises events to bring businesses together to get to know each other, learn more about good networking and hold talks by networking specialists. This is your chance to pick up some really valuable information and help your business grow to great success!

These days, networking really is an important part of every business so it's more important than ever. See Paula Wynne's chapter about online networking in her book, Pimp My Site.




Business Mobility
What does 2012 hold for remote and mobile working gear? iHubbub compares laptops and other essential tools for on-the-go workers.

Should they use light airbooks, small netbooks or compact laptops as their briefcase to hold their presentations? Your opportunity to promote must have mobile working products for 2012.

iHubbub Book Day
To tie in with World Book Day on the 1st March, iHubbub takes a focus on valuable resource books for authors, freelancers and home businesses to improve their skills.




A Beautiful Mind
Each year World Health Day launches a worldwide campaign with different themes. iHubbub joins ranks with healthy living themes for April.

Productive home working is based on healthy bodies and minds. Does this depend on 8 hours of restful sleep every night? Or eating the right food at the right time. Do you attribute your gorgeous-working-ness to sleep, water, sex, meditation, having a good diet or not letting stress affect you? iHubbub delves deep into the mind and body of the ‘on-the-go’ agile workers and invites case studies of both success or failure to get the balance right.

Healthy Home Working
To complete our focus on healthy minds and bodies, iHubbub will do a tally on the best home working gadets to stay mobile and energised. Should we be plugged into a coffee machine or download a hot choccie to get the afternoon off to a good start? Reviews of products from coffee machines to new product launches to keep working on the go. Comparisons of healthy lunches and munches for working from home or on the run.




English Wine Week
During Wine Week we will share a selection of good wine with you and give you special offers to let your taste buds explode.

The iHubbub team always celebrate the day with a lovely bottle of wine. From Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc to Pinot Noir and Triomphe there are almost 30 British wine varieties growing here right now and we want to taste the best and share them with our members.

If you know of any restaurants offering a free glass of English wine with each meal drop us a line.

Get Walking Day
The Ramblers will be holding another Get Walking Day - not for a big strenuous work-out! The planned walks will be under 5 miles - so easy to manage and led by an organiser in idyllic country locations. iHubbub will list all the best short idyllic walking breaks this side of a ramblers walking stick.

Send our team scrambling, ambling, rambling all over the country with your long and short walks. How about telling us about some exotic walks such as through the midlands of Ireland or around the Lake District? Get your walking holiday featured on iHubbub's home business social network.

If you're interested in taking part, keep a look out for updates and walks near you by visiting the Get Walking Day website.





National BBQ Week
Down tools and get into the sun with National BBQ Week or National Braai Week - after all, what is the benefit of working from home or having your own business if you can’t be impulsive and dive into the sun with a barbeque!

Most people will stick to chicken, burgers and sausages but this is the time to be experimental! Seafood and dessert options are often forgotten about and can be wrapped in foils covered with herbs to make them extra delicious.

iHubbub goes in search of the most usual meats and marinades to make your Barbie tantalising! And don’t forget the sangria and tropical drinks. Send in your samples and we’ll do some serious drinking and eating to show freelancers and home workers how it should be done.

Wrong Trousers Day
On 24 June or thereabouts - it’s Wrong Trousers Day. This is your chance to don your craziest trousers all for a great cause. The day is inspired by Nick Park’s Wallace and Gromit film, ‘The Wrong Trousers’. Wallace and Gromit's Children's Foundation aims to raise money for sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK.

So if like Wallace and Gromit you have a thing for crazy contraptions and wacky trousers, this is a chance to express yourself and donate to a great cause!

Anyone can take part, whether it’s at home or in the public workplace! All you need to do is register your event and each person taking part donates £1 to wear their favourite ‘wrong’ trousers instead of their usual work clobber! Send us images of you in your 'Wrong Trousers

Mens Health Week
From 13-19 June 2011 it’s Mens Health Week. We all know men are the first to complain when it comes to ‘man flu,’ but when it comes to more serious health problems, men are often too shy or embarrassed to come forward and speak to a GP.

The week is organised by the Men’s Health Forum (MHF). This is an independent charity which aims to help men and boys by tackling inequalities and issues affecting their health.

iHubbub wants to know what you do to improve your man’s health. From exercising with your Wii to using online diagnosis websites, all aspects will be examined and shared.




International Home Business Day
Featuring and focusing on a wide range of freelance and home businesses. More on this soon.

Summer Hot Spots
Quick destinations for busy entrepreneurs who want to relax yet need to be on call when the need arises. We will be looking at short breaks that offer all the relaxation a home business owner needs to revitalise and energise yet that has top mobility facilities.

Restaurant Mobile Working Hunt
iHubbub reveals the best restaurants in the UK for business lunches. What working lunches require and how to find them. The perfect list for anyone serious about associating their brand/product with the UK’s best restaurants and hotels for on the go business mobility. Plus a special focus on services alongside such as wi-fi access and impulsive meeting room facilities.

National Shed Week
National Shed Week starts on 4th July or there-about when shed enthusiasts are encouraged to keep an eye on the ShedBlog to discover the Nation's Shed of the Year.

Shed enthusiasts have taken pride in building and caring for their sheds. Those contending to be Shed of the Year range from hut sheds, eco-sheds, summerhouses and even a category called a tardis shed!




Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning
Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning - Since 1990, Macmillan Cancer Support have been organising a coffee morning on the 30 September to raise funds for the charity.

The event grew from a local fundraising event in the first year to a countrywide event the following year. With over two thousand people registering to host an event in year two it was swiftly dubbed the World's Biggest Coffee Morning.

We are encouraging iHubbub members to get together with friends and family, have fun and raise money for a good cause.

We want to review your organic fair trade coffee, gourmet Colombian coffee and fair trade coffee beans as well as all the accessories that make the perfect coffee. Talking of which ... we also want to get our hands on coffee makers –fancy or plain to show our audience the best coffee makers in town.

National Spa Week
To celebrate National Spa Week in September, iHubbub goes under cover to find the best spa resorts across the UK including Champneys and Marriot and all the smaller private spas. Let us know your spa special offer as we incite iHubbub members to take a well earned spa break.

But we don't want to stop there ... we want to know about spa influences from across Europe, Asia and America and experience all the new techniques. Even lying in a bed of mud on the banks of the Dead Sea!

To highlight the benefits we want to hear from spa owners and experts on all the health benefits of using a spa on a regular basis. What it does to the human mind and body and why even a quick shiatsu massage is the best home business gift.




Chocolate Week
iHubbub goes dark with seven solid days of indulging and trying out the best chocolate in the UK!

We want to hear from women who joke about preferring dark chocolate to sex - and chocolate is a well-known aphrodesiac. Casanova was known for eating chocolate before sleeping with his conquests! We want to speak to experts and find out why chocolate makes us feel so good, all the melty moments.

It is thought that substances like serotonin and phenylethylamine produce a high in your brain that makes you feel giddy and generally more attractive. It’s also thought to release endorphins which makes us feel oh so happy!

Do you crave chocolate when you feel sorry for yourself and could do with a pick me up. Any excuse to break open a bar!

We want to hear from country's finest chocolatiers and all the news about fairtrade cocoa. And drinking chocolate goes hand in mouth with chocolate week so we will be reviewing all the hot choc's on the market to give you the ultimate hot choc goss! Secret ... co-founder Paula is a hot choc addict - even drinks it on a hot day!

International Youth Day
To celebrate  International Youth Day, usually held on the 12 August each year, iHubbub aims to celebrate the contribution youths and graduates make to society.

Young people have led the world in encouraging recycling and green lifestyles and the use of new technology like mobile phones, ipods and social networking sites like Facebook.

We want to showcase youth talent. More on this soon.




Commute Smart Week
Commute Smart Week is all about trying to avoid the commuting that so many of us have to endure. As the Winter months draw in we are encouraged to avoid commuting in the dark. Home workers rarely have to button down their jackets during that depressing time of waiting for a train in the dark alongside many other miserable commuters or driving through the dark, damp streets and straining to see through all the headlights. But they do go out!

It's been widely reported that 28 million working days are lost per year due to stressed out workers!
Smarter working leads to smarter commuting. Ideas such as flexible working, staggered journeys and part time working means that there is less need to commute, and less commuting in rush hour and dark evenings.

Smarter commuting also includes alternative methods of travel, such as cycling, to ease the levels of congestion. Less congestion means that those that cannot avoid travelling in the rush hour might have an easier time of it and perhaps have shorter and less stressful journeys themselves.

Because commuting can take up so much travel time, many family members don't return home until late at night. Which means children are missing out on valuable time with their mums and dads! Having your own home business brings all the added benefits of family life so now is your chance to tell us why your life changed for the better when you decided to kick the office bucket and get a life working from home!



Gift Guide
Santa is the ultimate remote worker so iHubbub's Santa Biz is looking for stocking fillers and gifts for remote, mobile and home workers as well as the latest 'must-have' biz tools for authors, freelancers and home businesses.

See this year's Gift Guide ...

* Please note the list above is subject to change by the editorial team so please check regularly online. While features are in progress at least two months in advance please submit copy the month prior to publication but do check in case we have space for late arrival information.

iHubbub is open to ideas and commercial opportunities so please get in touch with Paula and Grace or contact Ken Sheridan for advertising rates surrounding the forward planned features.

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