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Asbestos is present in lots of buildings across Melbourne, especially old buildings, for example, certain residences, educational institutions and offices. This material may cause serious health issues if inhaled. We are able to immediately and securely get rid of this harmful material.

Asbestos things create a dangerous health threat when damaged, disrupted, demolition or reconstruction task. Risk-free asbestos removal is necessary by regulation to be done by an experienced asbestos removal firm such as A1 Asbestos Removal Melbourne.

A1 Asbestos Removal Melbourne is the primary firm for asbestos removal in Melbourne, is right here to help you with all your worries and basic enquiries like. We also provide an efficient and safe asbestos removal, decontamination and disposal solutions, asbestos inspections and testing.

We will provide you with numerous asbestos removal, disposal and decontamination solutions to match your needs. Our strongly experienced and knowledgeable staff works along with you to deal and carry out works securely.

We use the recent technologies and tools, making certain that our solutions offer the most beneficial and sophisticated options and stay at the leading edge of asbestos removal businesses.