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Hi, I'm Alice Ross- the founder of ForTravelista website. I'm an enthusiastic travel blogger. Almost two years ago, I made the hardest decision I have ever done in my life to date: to leave the comfort zone and my 9 to 5 job. It's not a new story, I am pretty sure you've heard more than a couple of people who did the same. But the decision of me, leaving my work as a Bank Manager and the financial freedom it offers, is something I truly proud of because I know that not anyone can do it.

As I said earlier, it was far from easy, scary even. But the amount of excitement I felt when I was signing my resignation letter and browsing my flight for my first destination as a long-term traveler is priceless. I wouldn't trade my life now for anything else.

This decision not only lets me check some countries off my bucket list, but also shaped and taught me knowledge, skills, and humanity that I wouldn't learn if I was living the life I had when I was wearing a formal suit five times a week.