Allen Jack

Marketing Manager At vivid Ads

Home Business, Australia.

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About Allen

To utilize my expertise in graphical designing, joined Vivid Advertising. Specially designed most the promotional pop up marquee that is the core product of the company. There are some advertising and promotional companies in Australia that are working to the manufacturing of all type of expo accessories to exhibit or promote products in Melbourne, Australia.Vivid Advertising is one of the stunning and superlative expo accessories manufactures exclusively that put an extra effect and grab audiences attention through it uniqueness and interesting ideas. Pop up marquee, pop up gazebo and advertising marquee is the best option if you are campaigning outside like beach or other road shows.

To promote business in Australia and surroundings, one small business needs to get in touch and just place the order so that our professional graphic designers convert your imagination into a digital world. This is all that differentiate our work scenario from our competitors.

Vivid advertising has got name and fame by offering innovative ideas and working qualities. Vivid Ads never compromise on quality over quantity, always keep standard so that customer get what they expect to form our work efficiency.


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