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About Amie

Hello. My name is Amie Samba. I help creative directors and professionals reach their personal best in life and bsuiness through sports programmes.

Hi. I am on a journey supporting and motivating people who would like to use sports as a way of getting ahead in life & business. As we grow we deserve to reach new milestones in adulthood and throughout old age. Sports is great for your mental, physical and emotional being. Like you I aspire to maintain a healthy mind and body.

Over the years I have gained deep insight into the long term benefits of sports as a method of building a support network. Subsequently I have shared Sport Up Net & Fitness Social with people. What drives me is the fact I didn't have the chance to reach my personal best at a critical point in my life. My non existent involvement in physical activity stifled my creativity and happiness.

I did not realise how much it affected me until I started delivering & participating in programmes with friends and locals. I would like to show you how to be the best you can through sports. Thus I help Directors & Freelancers with creative ideas reach their personal best in life & business through the delivery of specialised sports programmes:

- Developing your fitness levels, enhancing creativity, building support networks for you as a Director. I offer my experience and networks in connecting you to other directors & freelancers to help you get where you want to.

- Turning your interest in physical activity into a means of getting to the top on a personal and business level.

I am interested in the implication of as well as the opportunity in the use of technology on our everyday physical activity levels. I am also intrigued by people living longer and how this will impact every aspect of society. I am curious and look forward to discovering new things everyday.

If you leave with two things from me is: 1. that you consider an activity (and it doesn't have to be a sport) that will help keep you active and happy 2. that I can join your journey of reaching your personal best in life or business by connecting here today.

Kind regards
Amie Samba






I'm an experienced freelance writer, currently writing humor...




I'm an experienced freelance writer, currently writing humor...