Before You Start Selling In Our Free Online Shop

Before You Start Selling In Our Free Online Shop ... you need to set up your PayPal email address so we know how and where to pay you for your first sale. Do this FIRST.

Find out to add PayPal email below so you can get paid for your sales.

Then, while you're there set up your shipping settings to create a default shipping address. If you will only be selling a freelance service that does not need shipping, it won't be necessary to add your shipping details. However, if you intend to sell any product that will need shipping in future, best to do it now and then it's done and dusted.

Find out to set your shipping details below and read our full Guidelines to get maximum sales.


Your Seller Profile Gives Confidence To Buyers

You should also be sure you have an up to date image or logo on your profile and a great summary explaining more about you. You should also set up your location in your profile.

Why? Because your image, your location and your profile summary is displayed in your own personal store front for buyers to see more about you and thus gain confidence in buying from you.

Take a look at this example ...

profile for your own seller shop front

 You can also see that the buyer can get in touch with you by private message or email and they can view your complete profile. All in one quick glance!

Find out how to add an image, set up your location and add a profile summary in our Complete Profile Guidelines.


Add A PayPal Email

Before creating a product as a seller, please provide your PayPal email address to ensure you will be paid.

If you don't do this prior to adding an item, you will be asked to do this before you add your product or service, otherwise we don't have details to pay you. This is vitally IMPORTANT. Go on, do it now.

You need to pop over to your 'My Account'. If you are currently logged in you will see this on the 'Me' link on the main navigtaion. Otherwise you will need to log in. From there click 'My Account' and you can see the Payment Options block with a field for your PayPal email. 

Enter your PayPal email in this 'PayPal email' field but make sure it is the email that you use to login to your PayPal account, otherwise you will not be paid automatically when your sale goes through.

add PayPal account email to start selling in our free online shop

 add PayPal account email to start selling in our free online shop


Shipping Settings

We recommend that you set up your default sellers address before you add your first product. By doing this upfront you won't have to complete your sellers address each time you add  product.You can set up a different address than the [default] for your product.
PLEASE NOTE: Your seller's address does not show anywhere on site, it is kept completely  private. It is really important so our system can calculate the shipping rates correctly based on your 'local' country. All calculations and comparisons are based on your country - you as the seller and the which country the buyer is based.

You don't need to do this if you are selling your time by the hour, day or month. So if you are adding service items your seller's address is not needed.

At any time you can change the address(override your default address) for specific products that you may want to ship from a different country on the product creation page.

If you are now logged in, you can find your shipping settings on the navigation under 'My iStore > Settings. Here you can set your default shipping address and when you save you will still be on this guidelines page.

set your shipping details in our free online shop

 When you've done this, go on and start selling in our free online iStore!