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Why Isn't Your Website Ranking On Google: Bold SEO Adelaide?

You've spent a lot of time and money creating an awesome website. You invested in site design, content, and usability. However, you are still not getting the results that you want. And your rankings on Google have been dropping like a rock!

There are many reasons your site may struggle to rank well in search engines, and here are four possible culprits that we've uncovered in the past 11 years of offering SEO services in Adelaide.

Your site is not mobile-friendly - Google's algorithms have changed significantly in the last few years with a shift to mobile. Because of this, your website may be penalised if it does not provide an optimal experience for mobile users. This could include having too many ads on the page or any other content that makes your content hard to read or navigate.

Your keywords are not relevant - Keywords should be included in your content and web copy to help Google know what your site is all about. The problem, however, is that people often use different words to describe things when searching online. This means you need to include 'long tail' keywords in your content to maximise your reach.

Your site is not optimised for search engines - Search engine crawlers, like Google's bots that scan and index your website content, may be unable to read certain code. So, you may have created an awesome site but it won't be indexed or ranked well because the robot simply can’t read it.

You don't have a social media presence - A website without a social media presence is like an engine without fuel. It's still alive and functioning, but it is not going anywhere. Social media platforms are notoriously popular with users, so if you want to rank well on Google, then you need to have a social media profile that will drive traffic back to your site.

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