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About CCA

The Ethical Hacking certification is one of the most important and recognized cyber security courses. The Cyber Crime Awareness society (CCAS) is the very first organization to provide Ethical Hacking Institute in Jaipur. The organization was established by various cyber crime experts and police officers. The organization was set up to aware the society about the increasing rate of cyber crime in the world and the respective steps taken to sort them.CCAS aims to provide the development and refinement of one’s Ethical Hacking Skills. The organization has well-experienced trainers that helps a learner to grasp and learn the concepts effectively.

Cyber Crime Awareness Society is an IT Consulting Company managed by Ethical Hackers & IT professionals, working with Police Agencies and Cyber Crime Cell of Government in India. It is also backed by a team of Experts working with RAW, CBI, ATS, IB and Cyber Crime Cell with an aim to create India the most safest place of internet in the World.