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About Laura


Laura Morris has been self employed and running her own businesses for 8 years. She owned a company called Rentabuggy for three years which she grew and developed it to sell it on la few years later.

In February 2009, she Co-Founded a business called Networking Mummies UK Ltd that she now co-own's with my business partner Stacey Calder. They offer free networking events for mums in business and also affordable workshops where they can learn new skills. They are a Nationwide business and currently have 20 branches across the UK.

Learning as she has developed, Laura has self-taught herself in many subjects and she now utilise these skills to 'educate' a variety of people including start-up's, entrepreneurs and larger businesses with my PR and Marketing Agency. Educate Business offers affordable business solutions including PR, Marketing, ECourses, Mentoring, Downloads and much more.

Laura has won and been shortlisted for many awards and in 2015 was voted one of The Top 50 Business Advisers in the UK by Enterprise Nation.
She also write articles for many publications and her businesses have been featured in both Local and National press. She additionally has worked within schools by providing 'motivational' type talks along with other speaker opportunities and events.

Laura quotes "I love working with people, hearing their stories and building relationships. I am passionate about helping businesses develop, whether they are starting out or expanding. I have worked with many people by offering them advice, knowledge and contacts to help them drive forward. Watching these individual people then achieve there dreams is so inspiring and it is something close to my heart"