Home working, computer literate, flexible

Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

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Category: Admin

About Sharon

For the past 10 years I have worked as an online Chat Moderator (two of them as team leader), helping customers with their problems via a chat room and in private consultations. Sadly due to a company takeover I am being made redundant from this post but would still like to work at home.

I have had a varied career path starting in my teens as an office junior and have worked in offices most of my life. Remote working is what I am best suited to.

I went to university in my 30's and obtained my BSc(Hons) Business Information Management and from there did more work at university in offices and library environments.

I am a crafty person, if it can be made I will have a go, I used to have a small business making jewellery, alongside a full time job, so in the end I just did not have the time to promote it, so I folded it, probably my one regret.

I like working at home as I am not good at travel. I have an office desk and a PC (Windows 8.1) and having used computers since 1996 and having a home one since 1998 I am computer literate.

Although I use social media, it does not run my life, I prefer to learn than gossip.