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Importing a shipment from other countries is a big question mark for everyone, especially if you are shipping from USA to KSA. Most of the Saudis are buying products from USA online stores like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. In this case, reputable online stores can not deliver their products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To complete the orders, they need a tax free US address and a service as a bridge between the stores and logistics companies. Global Shopaholics is a company that provides package forwarding services to Saudi Arabia from the USA and it plays a role between customer and logistics company.

At Global Shopaholics, we offer tax free USA address, consolidation, and ship packages to your doorstep in Saudi Arabia. In this procedure, we allow you to pay your shipment payments online using Paypal and credit cards. We made an easy procedure to forward your shipment from the USA to KSA. Scroll the page down if you need more information to understand the shipping procedure.