6 Simple Solutions For Running An Effective Home Business

Working from home can be tricky if you struggle to get motivated. Routine is your friend – particularly if you are working alone. It can be all too tempting to put on a re-run of last night’s TV shows and take a “well-earned” break for a couple of hours. But time is money.

routine to running a small home businessHere are six simple suggestions to help organise yourself in order to achieve your business goals:

1.    Make time

Just because you are working from home, doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to frequent breaks and lunch! Taking time out will help you to re-energise for the rest of the day.

2.    To do

Make a paper list – or even better, use coloured post-it notes and take satisfaction in striking off tasks as you complete them. Don’t overwhelm yourself with reams of things that aren’t immediately relevant.

Put time aside to decide which tasks you can eliminate and who you can delegate tasks to.

3.    Outsourcing

Accountant – trust a professional to look after the cash side of the business. It may seem like an unnecessary expense but it could save you hours when time is pressed – not to mention money.

Did you know that having a home business can allow you to claim some costs for things like lighting and heating? Your accountant will know exactly where to save your precious pennies.

PR & Marketing – get a team to pitch and promote your business while you do the graft at home.

IT – Spend too much time watching a colourful circling whirling around on your screen? Outsource the time and save your blood pressure.

4.    The right work environment

Make sure there are no distractions at home. Is the fridge or that Sky remote dangerously close for comfort? Create an area of your house which will function as dedicated workspace.

Make sure you have a comfortable desk and chair, set at the correct eyesight level. No comfort means that you’re likely to become restless quickly. Try decluttering your space – using equipment such as a multifunction printer, which doubles up as a scanner, can save a lot of room in a small office while still providing you with all the functions you need.

It’s also good to work on the move so meet up with clients or take a breather as most coffee shops offer Wi-Fi hotspots free of charge.

5.    Super storage

Start using cloud-based tools to share and save documents. The last thing you want to do is trawl through reams of paperwork in a filing cabinet to find a receipt. Store everything electronically and say goodbye to clutter.

Manage your inbox so you only see the messages you need to deal with straight away. Bin everything you no longer respond to.

6.    Communication

You may have staff working for you – also from the comfort of their own homes. Make time to speak to them on facetime or skype.

Messages relayed via email or text can often be misinterpreted. It is much better to speak over the airwaves to ensure everyone has the latest information – again, a time saver.

These six tips can help you to overcome the stress you feel when running your home business, allow you to take control of your working hours and achieve the goals you’ve set out for your business.