Do you Jelly When Working At Home

Freelancers, home businesses and jelly, what do they have in common? Quite a lot as it happens!

I am not talking jelly of the eating kind, instead it is jelly of the co-working kind and last week I found out it can be good for you as a start up business owner. Much better kind of jelly than the eating kind!

There are UK Jellies once a month all over the country, where people just like you and me who work from home go to work. You take your own work with you, get some work done and have a chat.

It really is that simple.

This is not about selling or promoting yourself, but instead you realise that there are others just like you working from home, in all sorts of jobs and businesses. A jelly is free to attend, but you may have to bring some money for coffee and refreshments. Coffee was a definite welcome mid-morning break, thanks to Paul having a direct line to the local coffee van.

If you work from home and are starting to miss your old office banter and chats then it would definitely be worth finding out if there is a Jelly near you.

I found out about my local one on Twitter (#ukjelly) you will be amazed at how many there are. If you didn’t mind travelling you could attend one most days. Or there are lots of other business networks that might want to try.

freelancer and home business jelly for anyone working from home and wanting to network with other home businesses and freelancersThe @swindonjelly I attended was definitely fun and I learnt lots too. The big one for me was that not everyone is on Twitter, but by the end of the day Andy was almost a pro.

There was lots of sharing of useful online business tools and websites, mainly due to Kieron.

Plus thanks to Ross there were flapjacks and brownies to share. All in all a fun day out and we even managed to get some work done.

This is our Swindon Jelly! Can you spot me?

When you work from home some people feel isolated, I know for me I can go a whole day without seeing a real person.

Attending a jelly or networking event is a great way to feel part of the human race and we also have our online networking events here on iHubbub if you can’t make it to something locally. Or why not do both?

Look forward to seeing you at the next online networking event, the best bit is you can even network in your slippers!