Free Wi-Fi For Work From Home Mums

Well, the summer holidays have arrived in my work from home household and so far they are going rather well ... I know it’s only been a few days!

Ask me again in 6 weeks!

We have filled our days with visits to family while I have been working from home for iHubbub.

However, a certain amount of normality has arrived this week with me cramming work in at home as well as spending fun time with my children. There are days when they will be at friends or at summer clubs, but that's not every day. And don't you just know that the days that I have planned not to work from home there will be a crisis that I will have to deal with.

Work emergencies when you're a work from home mum are fairly easy to deal with as you have everything you need to hand and your kids will be able to entertain themselves while you sort out a few bits.

It helps if your home business is internet ready everywhere from the garden to the garage as you may not be able to hide yourself away in your normal home office. Thankfully there are a number of gadgets that can help improve your wireless internet all over your home.

But just like all other work from home mums and dads there will be days when I will be away from home and will need internet access.

This summer I have put together a list of free Wi-Fi places that I can use while I am out and about with my children.

I know it’s not the ideal scenario, the ideal would be us all chilling in the sun on a white sandy beach or in a swimming pool, but this is the reality of err ... juggling working from home and children.

And it’s still a much better reality than a 9-5, Monday to Friday job!

Free Wi-Fi Locations For Work From Home Mums

  • Food shopping can now be completed with free Wi-Fi, I’m not exactly sure how good I would be at the work part while stopping extra biscuits and sweets going into my trolley but if I need to check something quickly on my emails then this would be a good one. ASDA and M&S are currently leading the way.
  • free wifi for home businessesCafes have long been providing free Wi-Fi with your Cappuccino and they are perfect when you have a meeting or want some quiet time during the week. The trick to cafes when you have your children with you is finding the ones that have outdoor space so that they can be a bit noisy and treat them to their favourite pastry. My daughter loves cafes, she is a real people watcher and is probably at her quietest when there is a croissant and a hot chocolate in front of her! I can easily get half an hours work done while at a cafe with both of my children.
  • It’s not just cafes where you can find free Wi-Fi but some of your children’s favourite restaurants are also offering free internet access; MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, Burger King and KFC. Maybe look to have lunch at one of these if you need to get some work done while you are out and about working with mobile tools.
  • Also if your children enjoy indoor play areas then a number are adding free Wi-Fi. One of our local play areas has done just that and while the children are whizzing down slides and making new friends, I have been able to get a couple of hours work done. Just be ready to wave as they run past you, have a large jug of squash on your table for when they are about to overheat and take more work than you think you will get done as you will be left in peace.

These free Wi-Fi options are not going to be an everyday option, the cost in hot chocolates, burgers and biscuits alone make this financially risky!

But work from home emergencies happen and if you can spend just a few minutes stopping a crisis, replying to a customer or checking that everything is alright with your home business it will make for a much more relaxing summer holiday.

A number of the broadband providers also have Wi-Fi hot spots and access to the cloud for remote working that you can access for free if you are a customer; o2, BT and Sky are ones that have a number of locations around the country. They also come with apps so you can find the nearest one to you.

I downloaded one of the apps last night and my nearest hotspot is a local pub, maybe I will save a visit for when the children are tucked up in bed ...