Hanging Out Working From Home

I have been working from home for the past 8 years, not quite sure where that time has gone, but the saying of time flies when you are having fun could ring true. I do love working in a home based business!

However, some days I can go without seeing anyone apart from when I drop the kids off at school to when I pick them up. So to keep me healthy and sane being a work from home mum I have started to become much more social.

Overcoming working from home islolation by networking onlineThe other week I even managed to leave my home office shed and met up with real freelancers and home business owners at a co-working Jelly and I have my place booked for the next one in July. All good fun, but to be honest I didn’t get loads of work done.

So, since I work online, I thought it was time I became much more social online and found other like-minded home business owners and freelancers. This way I can get my work done, join in the odd home business related chat, do a bit of networking and promote iHubbub all at the same time, perfect!

Until now Twitter has been my main source of connecting with freelancers working from home and home business owners, I am comfy with # and @s. (Don’t forget to say hi, next time you are on Twitter @iHubbub.)

I have had some great chats about cakes, exciting new home business ideas and shared marketing ideas with other home business owners that have worked. Plus Twitter has also helped me realise that there are other work at home mums juggling the same, if not more than I do.

Today, to step up being social and chatting about iHubbub I ventured into unknown territory and joined my first Google Hangout. If you haven’t tried a hangout yet then I would highly recommend it.


Google Hangouts Tips

Few tips you'll need to do before diving onto a home working Hangout ...

  • You will need to have a Google+ account, which I am sure you will have as you really can’t do much on Google without one.
  • The best thing about the Google Hangouts for a mums in a home business is that you can use them to run webinars or hold an online meeting completely free.
  • You can only have 10 active participants on the video but you can also stream your hangout on Youtube to as many people as you want, which makes it a lot like a webinar.
  • Those that are viewing your webinar can ask you questions by using a hashtag that you have announced, the hangout I was at used Twitter for everyone to tweet their questions.
  • If you are running your own webinar you can record your hangouts.
  • There is a button on the left of the screen for you to do this and then you save them automatically to your Youtube account.
  • You could then embed the Youtube code onto your own website or send out as a link in an email to those that attended. Either way this is a great boost to your own video marketing campaign.
  • If a lot of your home business customers are on Google Plus you could also have private online meetings with them, other home business owners, and maybe even interviews. Personally I think you would still be better off using Skype for more private one on one chats, but Google Plus would be great to record an interview for your site.

It does make me think that there is now even less reason to leave the comfort of our home offices, just remember to dress for your webcam! 

If you want to join in on a Google Hangout there are lots happening all the time, you can view them on the Google Hangouts page. You will be amazed ... from excercise classes, casting interviews to probably more relevant experts on online marketing. It really is another world out there!

Another fun way to socialise online and network from home is to join in iHubbub's online speed networking, hope you can all make the next one.