How Much Data Do You Really Need?

Whether you’re getting your first mobile recharge plan, or you’re trying to find one that gives you more value for your money, it’s important that you know your needs. Two of the main things to consider when choosing a mobile plan include how much time you spend talking, and how much data you need.

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These considerations are likely going to drive whether you opt for a postpaid recharge plan where you pay each month based on a contract-like agreement, or whether you decide on something like a prepaid recharge. With both options, you can find valuable discounts such as a Mobikwik promo code, or cash back options from Paytm, but even with discounts, you may be overpaying if you don’t know what you need.

The following are some tips that can help you get started on the path to finding the right plan, with a focus on helping you determine how much data you really need.

Monitor Your Usage
If you’re ready to find a prepaid or postpaid recharge plan that will save you money while also meeting your needs, give yourself some time to monitor your data usage before making a decision.

Most people are unaware of how much or even how little data they actually use, so they may be overpaying, or they might not have an adequate plan, causing them to pay beyond their plan.
If you don’t want to track your data usage manually, there are also some great data tracking apps that can help a lot. You may not only determine how much data you use but find places where you could cut back or where you’re wasting data. 

If you’re paying overage fees, you’ll likely need to upgrade, whereas if your data goes mostly unused, go ahead and try to downgrade and save yourself money.

Do You Use Your Phone for Entertainment?
It can be difficult to use your smartphone for entertainment because of data caps, but some people do still use their device for streamlining music or movies. If you’re doing this, you’ll need to plan accordingly, and it’s most likely going to be best for you to go with a postpaid plan which will afford you higher usage limits in most cases.

Can You Limit Yourself?
As mentioned above, if you start tracking your data or using a data tracking app, you may find that there are plenty of places you could cut back on your usage, and ultimately cut your postpaid or recharge bill.

Many people are unaware of what they’re really using, and you may be spending time on non-essential things on your mobile phone that use extremely high amounts of data.

Carefully Consider Unlimited Plans
As a final note in this list of tips to determine how much data you really need, don’t necessarily assume an unlimited plan is the right answer. Sometimes consumers will think the solution to their data usage concerns comes in the form of an unlimited mobile plan, but these tend to get costly very quickly. Rather than going for the unlimited plan, you might want to consider setting up alerts on your mobile device so you can avoid going over on data usage.

Unlimited plans tend to be the most expensive recharge options you’ll find, and they’re not necessarily right for everyone.