My Home Office Summer Childcare

The school summer holidays have nearly arrived in my house, 10 sleeps to be precise and then 6 weeks of juggling.

And although I love having my children around, I do still need to work from home some of that time.

Luckily for me I work in my home office shed so if you believe freelancing myths that should make it easier. I will need to revert back to how I used to work from home when my children were very small and work in the evenings after they are in bed. Only problem with that is that my two don’t go to bed so early any more.looking after children while working from home

To compensate for less time in the evenings for the past couple of school holidays I have been getting up at ridiculous o’clock and can do half a working day at home before they have even surfaced. Breakfast and CBBC then help look after my two while I finish off.

I imagine that by the time they are teenagers I should be able to work at home an entire day in my home office before they are up! However, until that dark day comes, holiday clubs will be part of my children’s summer holidays.

Since I am not planning on using CBBC as my total summer holidays childcare, along with help from friends and family I need to book some childcare.

The cost of childcare has always been expensive, I remember when my son was 6 months and I had a ‘proper job’ his nursery bill was the same as our mortgage. When our daughter was born there was really no point in going back to work, which is why I started my own home business and work from home.

I know lots of home businesses that have started due to the expense of nursery fees and childminders. Quite often they are child and home based franchises, which as the summer holidays are about to start looks like a very sensible option.

Since working for myself and working from home for iHubbub, there has always been one thing that really bugs me about childcare and that is when you are a self-employed home business owner you can’t take advantage of childcare vouchers, a saving of 20% on your childcare is worth having.

Thankfully there are changes coming to childcare vouchers if you are self-employed freelancer, not for this summer but by 2015 we will also be included!

It is all part of the government’s new tax free childcare scheme and will be available for the self-employed if they are not already receiving child tax credits. You will be eligible if you are a single working parent or a couple, where both are working and earning less than £150,000 a year.

For every 80p you pay for childcare the government will pay 20p upto a total of £1200 of childcare per child per year.

But before we all start celebrating, there is still some time to wait until it kicks in. I am not even sure that by 2015 my children will be needing childcare – they may still be in bed at lunchtime, which will save me more than the £1,200 that the government are proposing in food alone!

Also, in the first year it will only be available for children under 5 years old, with it including children upto 12 years old over time. Great if you have little ones but if yours are older let’s hope they have lots of lie-ins.

I am thinking that there might almost be a need for more play areas with wifi! Or maybe I need to treat invest in a gadget for working from home and the local park.

Would love to hear how you are juggling looking after your children this summer while working.