Working From Home Is Good For The Soul And The Environment

Working from home has lots of advantages for your home business, the most obvious is that you don’t have to pay expensive fees for your premises and something you may take for granted … you have one of the smallest commutes possible.

My daily commute is 23 steps from my kitchen door, it was even smaller before my home office shed was built… then it was plonk myself down at any spare space I could find. With 2 small children at home the hardest part was finding the spare space! And when I did find it, keeping my work stuff away from small helping hands was my next challenge to be organised.

work from home avoid commutingMy husband envies my work from home commute, he is currently working 1 ½ hours away which adds 3 hours onto his working day, 5 days a week.

That is a staggering 15 hours a week, I am not going to work out how long that is over a year because he reads my iHubbub blog and probably already knows how long he is in his car without me pointing it out.

So, I don’t have a commute to write about, I can’t exchange stories about terrible delays, or how I have missed family events stuck in traffic. Nope… I am always there. And that could be the end of my post about home office commutes – peaceful, stress-free and easy.

But what if we thought about all of our home office commutes, that’s all 51,000+ (and rising daily) iHubbub members who work from home. According to the TUC the average UK commute in 2012 was 52 minutes a day.

Based on those figures iHubbub members are saving 51,000 x 52 minutes = 44,200 hours a day commuting!!! And more obvious there are 51,000 less people on the roads getting stuck in those traffic jams.

If more of us worked from home we could save the government millions of pounds by not needing to expand the road network and there would be less pollution.

On a more personal side avoiding a long commute each day means that you can spend more time doing what you need to do for your home business, more time to do what you want and to be with who you want.

Plus we must be less stressed… 23 steps to the home office shed is nothing, not even on a rainy or snowy day. True when it’s cold I have to make the commute twice… first to switch on the heating and then later to go to work when the office has heated up! But that is nothing, all in all I am a much happier person.

Our work from home revolution should be government policy!

Be proud that we are doing our part for saving the environment and be proud of the fact that we have lots of amazing home businesses.

So.. how many steps is it to your home office?