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About Jane

My career in hospitality has spanned over 28 years in top class hotels, outdoor catering,theme parks, restaurants, three star hotel chains, chain restaurants, bars and fast food.
Key positions were held at GM & Director level for Principal Hotels,Joanna´s, Hard Rock Cafe, My Kinda Town Restaurant Group and Warner Brothers Movie World, before beginning self-employment in the consulting & coaching field in 2003.

My Goal, and that of my company J.A.M is simple : to help hospitality operations to success, with simple to implement practices that bring results. Today we mix traditional appraoches with a good leverage of the world wide web. The web is good for a lot and often not maximized - thats why we place great store on optimization in this area- but also some traditional methods -that include the personal touch - never loose their edge- thats what J.A.M does best - knowing what soluton best fits a given situation.