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Remote or Home Worker, United Kingdom.

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About Kuldeepsingh

I am a postgraduate professional with 3+ years of experience in developing advanced web applications, and excellent technical abilities in PHP and MySQL. Possessing considerable experience and knowledge of Agile Project Management. Now looking for a new challenge to develop and utilise my experience, skills and expertise. Through my professional work I have proved myself as a hard-working and supportive team member.

At my last job, I was working as a Web Developer. I worked on a variety of web applications including e-commerce, Wordpress, HR web application and other. For most of the web application, I used the skills like PHP, MySQL, HTML, Restful API, Javascript and jQuery. Apart from that, I used many different tools to improve efficiency and to track website performance of clients eg. Runscope, Telerik Analytics, etc. In my last project, I used MVStudio with Apache Server to complete web project for booking. I have good experience of scrum methodology for project development. I used Trello to manage my project tasks.

In my previous job I was working as IT Assistant at Turner Little Ltd and developed an in-house web application to replace the manual company register. In first six months, I worked on this project where I played multiple roles like analyst, designer, developer, tester and Project Manager. In this WAMP based project, I was using Object Oriented PHP with Zend Framework to convert the business logic into the programming with client-side technologies like HTML, CSS and jQuery and MySql at the back-end. I learnt Zend Framework to use in the project. It took six months coding and designing to reach the last stage of the project. In this stage, I tested web application myself and got some feedback from End Users. After few changes, I delivered the web application with full documentation.

Before this project, I worked on some existing project where I updated the animation and action-script of live web-based chat system using flash. In order to complete the new requirements for existing websites, I updated the functionalities and designing of a number of existing web pages. Most of these functionalities of the website were developed using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver.

CV Builder Prototype

During my master’s degree, I have developed a CV Builder prototype as a master’s project. The Prototype developed on the basis of my CV writing research. The prototype had some new functionalities which not available in existing CV Builders. Basically, this CV builder will help users to create good CV by analysing job requirements. It will help users like a CV advisor. The web application was developed using PHP, MySQL, Mobile jQuery, CSS and HTML. Moreover, the application uses a third party grammar checking API to improve usability. During this
project I improved my knowledge about mobile jQuery and Grammar checking API. I enjoyed working on the project and I still work on it in my free time.

Client Project (http://holistic.netne.net/)

As a part of my BSc course in Teesside University, I worked as a developer in a team to develop a website for our client holistic cancer care hospital, Middlesbrough. The website gives information about all kinds of treatment provided in the hospital and the map to locate the location. This website was built using PHP, HTML and CSS. I use accessibility to improve usability. The Content of the website is managed by a PHP-based content management system, known as Cushy CMS. In this project, our team was awarded for outstanding development work of the website by the client. In this project, we made many meetings and presentations with the client. During these meetings, I was responsible for explaining the technical expect of a project. This project has given good help to improve my communication and presentation skill.

I have experience of these Programming languages, technologies, frameworks and software.

-CusyCMS, Wordpress, Drupal
-Zend Framework, CakePHP
-Adobe Photoshop
-MySQL, AJAX, Jquery.
-WAMP(Windows Apache MySQL PHP)