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Employers Choice Online
Pre Employment Background Screening Services and Criminal Background Checks.

How to Choose the Best Home Business to Start
Do you need to find ideas for a home based business or are you looking for home business opportunities and home based business ideas to start up your own from home?

Business Mapper is a self-help internet marketing guide for businesses.
They provide in-depth advice about:  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online business planning; website creation and using digital marketing channels and platforms

UK Local Accountants Directory
Listings of accountants throughout the UK.

Prime Office Space
A brokerage that helps businesses find their ideal serviced office or commercial real estate.

Derek's Home and Business Blog
Derek's Home and Business Blog provides helpful information, SEO and marketing tips to small business owners, affiliate marketers and bloggers.

8a Certification
Ez8a is an expert provider of 8a application services as well as SDVOSB certification, HUBZone and WOSB certification services. Their goal is to make obtaining your SBA certification as easy and timely a process as possible.

Freelancer Job Board
The Freelancer Job Board offers free job listings, making finding a freelancer an easy task! Get started today, it's fast, easy and Free!

The brutally honest truth about working at home.

Beauty Marks The Spot Reviews
Favorite Sigma brushes!

Provides invaluable information, action plans and coaching to help you find and manage your childcare

IP Jargon
IP Jargon is all about health, beauty, travel and technology.

A football site that displays various opinions, insights, reports, and other topics from a host of talented writers, covering various clubs and leagues.

Building Blogs and Businesses
SocialVani is an initiative to create a resource base for bloggers and small business owners.

Financial News
URL : 
Get the latest updates on Financial updates and Latest News.

Read Foundation
Pudukkottai, Tamilnadu, India (South India)
Portugal – Homeworkers' Association

Felicitas is a membership organisation of homebased workers. Most of their members are own account workers making crafts, food and sewing.

Central American Women's Network
CAWN is a women's network based in the UK working in solidarity with women in Central America. CAWN works on a range of issues affecting women including labour rights.
Asian Women at Work (Australia)

Asian Women at Work is working to empower Asian women workers, who experience significant injustice and exploitation in Australian society.

Self Employed Women's Association (India)
SEWA is a trade union registered in 1972. It is an organisation of poor, self-employed women workers. These are women who earn a living through their own labour or small businesses.

Working Women's Forum
Working Women's Forum (WWF) is a women's trade union based in Chennai, in the South of India. The WWF works with many homebased workers such as bidi (cigarette) makers, agarbatti (incense) rollers and tailors. The WWF also worked with many women along the coast of Tamilnadu affected by the tsunami disaster in 2005. Email:

Women Working Worldwide
Women Working Worldwide is a UK based organisation which works with an international network of women workers' organisations and women's projects within trade unions. The focus is on supporting the rights of women working in international production chains which supply the UK and other European countries with consumer goods such as food and clothing.

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