5 Easy Steps To Create A Website

If you run a home business and want to create an online business or blog, you can do this so easily with WebSite X5.

Once you have downloaded the software, open it up and choose a new project. Decide which graphics you want from either a blank page or by using one of the 1500 templates, using the previews to find which one suits you.

5 easy steps to create a website

1. General Settings

Firstly, pop over to download the FREE software for easy website creation.

Then, have lots of fun modifying your template to suit your brand or style. There are 250,000 images for you to choose from!

It takes a few clicks to add your logo to the template header or you can use a name for a personal website.

Watch this video on how easy it is to create a website with WebSite X5.

Editing Your Website Template

When you have your template ready, choose if you want a horizontal or vertical menu. Then you can define each section of the page such as background, headers, footers and setting formats for your imported pictures such as margins and alignments.

The great thing about doing all this is that you can see ~ in real time ~ your template being updated in the preview right in front of your eyes.

Setting Website Standards

Once you are happy with how your template looks visually, you move on to setting standards for your text and fonts and by using the internal editor you can create your own branded buttons.

You can do the same for the mouse over tooltip and the pop up windows so that your template styles remain consistent throughout your website.

It is recommended that you do the same for the layout of the email sent from the website.

You can also add a website search field so new visitors are able to search your site and find what they are looking for.

2. Map Creation

Create a map that organises allthe pages that you wat to include, organise them to different levels and name them - even if you want to come back to them later to fill in the content.

3. Website Pages Creation

When you come to adding the page content you have a page layout table. You can add various formats such as text, images, videos, forms, social networks, guestbooks, maps, image gallery, email forms or if you are a web wizard, try adding flash or HTML code to your pages.

All done by dragging and dropping an icon into the page layout and you preview your page as you place items into your page.

The text editor gives you so many options and it feels jut like working in a word processor like Word or WS Writer.

There are a multitude of image editing options such as adding a frame, changing the image, cropping or masking it or rotating it and using special effects.

If the image is your very own, you can tick a box to protect the image from unauthorised copying.

The gallery has scrolling options and various other types of galleries and then define the styles that you prefer by playing around with the differnt types, such as thumbnails and rows or a main image with thumbnails underneath.

If you make home made products you can create a product cataloge. Even add a discount to help your marketing process!

If you have lots of little stories to tell your visitors, why not set up a blog on your website. Easy to do with the advanced settings. Create an online diary and then if you want people to comment, just enable 'comments'.

This link may help you when creating page content with WebSite X5.

4. Advanced Website Settings

Advanced settings also gives you stats, a welcome page, advertising message, RSS Feed, Data Management, Access Management and a Shopping Cart.

After you've done most or all of the above, you cans set up your SEO formats to ensure your website gets found by people using the keywords you are using in your website.

5. Export Your Website

Now you are just about ready for ... Website Completion

When you have completed your website you can publish it via an upload to your server via FTP with secure connections, export th website to a disk or export the website into a folder for a backup.

All of this above is done in 5 steps:
1. General Settings
2. Map Creation
3. Pages Creation
4. Advanced Settings
5. Export

Notify Google to tell them your page is now live and then share your site on your social media networks.

All done!

Now all you need to do is sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a cup of your favourite drink. Maybe then you will have a bit of time to read through some of our other articles on creating and developing a website.

Free Website Software Download

If you'd like to try out the easy website creation above, use this free website download. 

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