Bean Bag Your Home Office

Is there any other item of furniture that makes you immediately want to leap in to it and snuggle down as much as a bean bag?

Soft, squidgy and willing to mold themselves to your shape, the varieties of shapes and colours on the market make them ideal for additional seating in virtually any room in your house.

I say any room ... they're probably not the first thing you would think of when it comes to kitting out your home office but actually they might just increase your creativity!

Now, for long periods of intense work then you obviously need to be seated correctly in a fit-for-purpose chair and desk (think of that hard-working back of yours!) but if you are in need of a burst of inspiration there is nothing to beat a change of position. Grab a notebook and pen, get cosy and let inspiration hit you!

 And with that in mind we're pleased to kick-off the iHubbub campaign to get a bean bag in every home office throughout the land - check out our selection below!

bean bag your home office for flexi office furniture

Choose your home office bean bag from our selection below ...

Flexible Funbag with Memory Foam

The Funbag is built to combine durability, comfort and style. With the all-weather waterproof use a funbag bean bag to furnish your home officedesign, this exciting new range is perfect for outdoor use and makes cleaning a simple task.

Memory foam is used for comfort - this special foam moulds itself to an individual's body shape by reacting to body heat.
Furthermore, it eliminates all the pressure points to the body by automatically adjusting to a person's weight.

This ability to contour is medically proven to increase blood circulation and in turn helps eliminate back, neck, and leg pain, muscle aches, joint pain and general discomfort.

This bag needs space as it is surprisingly large and could easily take up your home office. If you work from the smallest spare room in the house, you may want to go for one of the others below. You can of course lounge in this with your laptop or notepad and the home office pet may even get a space beside you - if they're on their best behaviour.

The Funbag is available online only, at this link:

Faux Leather Bean Bag Recliner 

The Faux Leather Bean Bag Recliner is second to none when it comes to design, style and most importantly comfort. This bean bag has a unique panelling design which gives it its giant armchair shape with a high back and neck support, making it an ideal chair for reading or using Faux Leather Bean Bag Reclinera laptop or mobile device. The beans inside mould perfectly to the shape of your body for optimum comfort.

Made in premium quality faux leather in either black, brown, cream, blue or metallic pewter, this bean bag chair is easy to maintain its smart and professional look by simply wiping clean with a damp cloth.

With more than one bean bag you can create a relaxed and inviting meeting space.

Unlike the fun bag above, this bag may slip and slide under you so you have to get your bottie firmly planted into it and stay put. Also unlike the fun bag above it fits into a small corner of a small home office so if you have a metre and a half square that is a bir bare, this will fill the space snugly.

The Faux Leather Bean bag Recliner is sold exclusively at BeanBagBazaar with free UK mainland delivery.

6ft Bean Bag Sofa Lounger

This Bean Bag Sofa Lounger comes in either black, brown or cream faux leather giving it a contemporary and smart look. The 6ft long seat can easily sit three adults making it a great option if you are looking for practical extra seating in a home office.6ft Bean Bag Sofa Lounger

Create a welcoming reception area or informal meeting space using this bench-style bean bag seat, which can easily be used as a sofa lounger in the home as well.

3.    Buy Link – where it can be bought online and/or offline

The 6ft Bean Bag Sofa Lounger in Faux Leather is sold exclusively at BeanBagBazaar with free UK mainland delivery -


Outdoor Bean Bag Cube

The Bean Bag Cube is a highly versatile and great value for money item for any living or work space.

Available in 12 vibrant colours the bean bag cube is made in durable 100% waterproof Outdoor Bean Bag Cubepolyester which can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth and used outdoors. Bean bag cubes are versatile furniture as they can be used as stools or tables to rest items on, and several cubes can be stacked up, saving space when they are out of use.

Take your work space outdoors by simply picking up a few of these cubes along with a laptop so you don’t miss out on the great British summer.

The Cube Bean Bag is sold exclusively at BeanBagBazaar with free UK mainland delivery:

There you have it - if you have a bean bag in your home office do tell us what you've got and how comfy it is - or isn't.


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