Boost Your Freelance Online Presence

As a home working freelance writer I know how difficult and time-consuming it can be trying to get noticed by potential clients. There are loads of websites out there that you can join, but if you don't know how to publicise your freelancing service to the max then you are simply joining an ever-growing crowd.

We asked freelance journalist Charlotte Ward to give us her advice on having an effective freelancing online presence.

She says ...

Speak to any freelance writer and they will tell you that times have never been tougher. 

Every week an influx of new freelancers, home working entrepreneurs and start-up business owners tout their wares on the Publicity site Gorkana, work is harder to come by and fees are being slashed.

With the current climate ensuring commissions are harder than ever to secure, it’s never been more important to have an impressive online presence. Marketing yourself as a freelancer online is now an essential factor in selling your services as a journalist or small freelancing business.

Freelancing is a serious business for freelance consultants setting up an online presence

Whilst we all rely on word of mouth recommendations, or the hope that someone spots our work and likes it, the reality is that if a time-strapped editor can’t find your details instantly via Google then chances are you could lose out.

By having a simple, concise online freelancing portfolio that quickly showcases your work, is easy to navigate and clearly states how to get in touch, then you can increase your chances of catching the eye of new employers or clients. They'll be able to quickly clarify your expertise. 

But how do you go about it? Hiring someone to build you a professional looking website might seem like an unnecessary expense. When you're starting up a home business it's unlikely that you'll have a spare grand tucked away for this sort of frivolity.

So how do you go about finding freelancing clients through your freelance profile? How do you showcase your other freelance projects to get you more freelance contracts or a one off freelancing job?

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to create a professional looking platform to showcase your freelancing work online:

Here is your step-by-step guide to maximising your online potential ...

Get A Freelancer Profile on iHubbub

Check out our freelancing areas and you'll find that potential clients can find your freelancer profile via searching for UK freelancers.

Or they may find your freelancing business by searching our map or via industry sectors. All you need to do is join and way-hey you get a free automatic profile.

But ... you need to complete your freelance profile to make sure you are found on our home page and our search pages.

Build Your Own Website 

While some freelancers, journalists and start-up business owners opt to have a blog – which can be built using sites such as Wordpress and Blogspot - they afford you limited creativity when it comes to profiling your work. 

Personally I found it frustrating that while I had a very precise vision of how I’d like to design my website, I was stuck with a limited budget and even more limited expertise.

Then I discovered freemium platform which is set up for novices like me to make it easy to customise a website template exactly the way you want it.

By selecting a Wix template I liked I was able to easily adapt the colours, fonts and pictures to the styles and sizes I wanted and upload PDFs of my work. While Wix is a free service you can also pay a small monthly fee to link to your own domain address.

Try clicking on ‘personal’ and ‘portfolio’ as a good starting place to find templates for freelancers and journalists.

If you like reading home business and freelancing blogs, check out iHubbub's home business blog.

Create An Page allows you to create a single page for people to learn about what you and your home business or home-based franchise do and for you to link to your other social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Create a free page in minutes with no coding required.

Share Your Cuts At

This gives freelancing journalists and home working writers and bloggers an opportunity to build an online portfolio uploading their best clippings (whether online or in print) to their personal page. This saves the hassle of emailing large PDF files to potential employers.

Promote Yourself And Find Information Via Twitter

Not only is a good source of news, it also gives you a platform to showcase your personality as well as your home business itself. You can speak directly to your clients and other start-up home business entrepreneurs and provide an opportunity for people to come straight to you. If you're a journalist like Charlotte you can try tweeting your case study requests with the hashtag #journorequest.

Keep In Touch With Employers Via Linked-In

If you prefer to keep Facebook informal and fun, Linked-In is a business-focused social networking site to stay in contact with other freelancers who may (or may not) work from home. Your page is essentially your online CV and another opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise.'

Visit Charlotte’s website or follow her on Twitter @calamitycharls.

So there you have it - take some time out from working on your start-up freelancing business and make sure the online world knows where you are!

For products that will help you on your home business journey have a browse around the iHubbub shop!

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