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Running a home business takes up enough of your time already, so it’s quite possible that you don’t consider keeping a blog to be a priority. But would writing a regular blog actually be a plus for marketing your new start-up business?

Rosalind Brookman takes a look at the reasons why a lively and interesting blog can be a helpful (and free) business marketing tool!

Business blogging about your home business interests can help market your business


Free Promotion

Create a blog from one of the many blogging sites out there, and use it to write about how great you are! You can talk about your new products and services, any special offers you have going on, and invite comments from existing happy customers.  All from the comfort of your home office.

And all for free!


You can use your home business blog to ask for feedback. Obviously you don’t want negative comments filling the pages, but it’s a great way to get your readers to help push you in the right direction.

One comment about how quickly you do or don’t respond to enquiries can get you thinking about how you deal with correspondence before a bigger problem emerges.

Decision Making

Sound out opinions on any new home business products or your freelancing service on an idea you have germinating on your blog. Before spending a fortune on marketing a new idea, ask your home business clients whether it’s something they would be interested in.

Their comments might lead to something even better!


Room To Expand

Your home business website should be professional and to the point, so provide a link to your blog and you can expand on there. You can go into more detail about your newest service, and as it’s a more informal medium you can wax lyrical about its benefits and pop on some more photographs.

Profile Raising 

It's another way to get your name and home business out there - and your customers might link your blog to their own, potentially increasing the readership by thousands!

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