Home Office Feng Shui

Do you get those days when no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to focus on your business start-up? You find yourself creatively stumped, staring blankly at your computer screen whilst your mind wanders elsewhere.

It happens to the best of us home workers, freelancers and entrepreneurs who have chosen a life of working from home to earn our living.

And we all try the same things to re-engage: a blast of fresh air, an injection of caffeine via a strong coffee, or a quick break checking out what your friends are doing on Facebook - which is really distracting you from those business marketing plans!

Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't.

The iHubbub guide to Home Office Feng Shui could help you to rearrange the layout of your work from home space to get you back to full creativity and motivation!

But have you considered that it could the room you sit in itself that is to blame for your mental blocks? The iHubbub guide to Home Office Feng Shui could help you to rearrange the layout of your work from home space to get you back to full creativity and motivation!

Stimulate Your Workspace

  • For best flow of Chi, place your desk with your back against a wall. You should be able to look out of the window, or be facing the main door into your home office.  Don't sit with your back to the window because your Chi won't flow into your home office.
  • Hanging a mirror where you work can help in a number of ways. Firstly, hanging a mirror in a round, gold leaf frame, in a southeast area, can help influence the influx of wealth into your home office - a definite must-have for all freelancers and home business entrepreneurs! 
  • To build on the money-making idea - putting a Jade money plant in the south east corner of your home office will promote good fortune.
  • Secondly, mirrors can channel the flow of Chi around your office. It should not be placed behind where you sit, or opposite the main door.
  • A water feature is a key addition to your home office life. A small fountain should be placed in either the north, northwest or northeast area, to create good energy in your room, and to refresh and calm your personal energy.
  • To promote creativity and flowing thought when working on those business marketing plans, choose a desk made of real wood.
  • Clutter will stifle your imagination and productivity. Regularly tidy your home office and desk (including all the drawers); clear out anything that you don't use so that all that remains is necessary and helpful to your work.
  • Although home workers are lucky enough to have their family close to their office, some still like to keep a photograph of their loved ones close by. These should be positioned in the south west corner of your desk to promote creativity.
  • Your phone should be kept on the west of your desk - this will also help you become creative. 
  • Do you want people to notice your home business start up? Place a reading lamp in the south of your office to promote fame.
  • As we all know, house plants are great for a healthy home office; but to specifically absorb the pollution from your electrical appliances you should look for one with rounded leaves.

Find out how you can set up your own home office when you work from home running your home based business. You may also want to check out some more articles on how to make over your home office - and don't miss out on our make over competition!


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