Home Working Insurance

Insurance is essential for all home based businesses, whether there is only one employee or many more. Even if you consider yourself a home worker rather than a home business, you will need insurance.

Is Insurance Necessary For Home Workers?

Below is a short summary of what insurance you should consider along with a helpful ‘Get a free Quote’ facility, from our insurance partners Warranty & Indemnity Limited, that quickly advises you of the cost involved in order to lower the commercial risks to your business.

Is your portable equipment covered by your home business insurance

What Insurance Do You Need?

There are insurances that you are legally obliged to have and there are other optional forms of cover that you would be best advised to consider. Here is a summary, although full details can be found further down where you can also get a free quote.

Legally required cover includes:

  • Employers liability

 Optional Covers:

  • Professional indemnity (essential for all consultancy based businesses
  • Office contents not covered by your domestic policy because business assets are not normally covered by domestic policies
  • Computer loss or breakdown – Insuring the hardware and the vital information it contains. This cover allows you to have both replaced in the event of loss or damage, either in your home or office or when you are out and about
  • Public liability if your business interacts with the public in any way.

 Business Interruption

Business Interruption Insurance cover costs and expenses you would incur if you were unable to work from your usual work premises. This can include lost revenue.

Who Provides The Cover?

iHubbub's insurance partner, Warranty & Indemnity Limited, will provide all of your requirements.

Warranty & Indemnity Limited is an associated company of Blackmore Borley Limited, a Lloyd’s Broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), based in the City of London.

Please note that iHubbub is not an approved advisor on insurance, nor do we transact any insurance business of any kind.  Get home working insurance with Warranty and Indemnity

To speak to Warranty & Indemnity Limited in further detail with regards to this insurance, please call 020 7929 4616.

Why not see what it would cost to get insurance cover that is tailored to your exact requirements?

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