Home Working With Your Partner

The idea of running your home business with somebody you know and love can seem like a great idea.  And most of the time it can and will be a very exciting time, yet also challenging as all business start-ups can be.

Working alongside your partner on a new project that you are both really passionate about can be a wonderful and very fulfilling experience when it’s going really well.

Notice all of these 'can be's' cropping up?

Well, the flip side of working together and working from home 'can' also sometimes be a problemo. If the people you work with are purely business colleagues then you are able to walk away from difficult days and return to the security and support of your family at home, but if your difficult day has already involved your family then there’s no escape when work is done from home with those very people!

The idea of running your home business with somebody you know and love can seem like a great idea.  And most of the time it can and will be a very exciting time, yet also challenging as all business start-ups can be.

So what to do, what to do when you ?

As a relationship coach, working with both couples and professional singles, Genevieve Zawada
gives her Love Match Weekends clients the opportunity to develop themselves and get to grips with the essential tools needed for the modern dating world.

Genevieve dips into her special, velvety bag of relationship secrets to advise home business couples on how to work from home together in a productive, peaceful environment.

Be Honest

Lots of people attempt a home business start-up with loved ones and find that it just can’t be done – no matter how good everybody’s intentions are there are often personality clashes that prevent you from being as business-like as you would be if you were working with relative strangers.

You need to be totally honest before you enter into a business partnership with family members; you may think that you know both yourself and them really well but it’s important to note that people can become quite different when they are wearing their ‘professional’ hat!

Be fabulous home business entrepreneurs during the day, but use your down time to switch off and become a fabulous couple again!

This is especially true of home business start-up entrepreneurs, as being single-minded to the point of obsessional is often how you need to be to survive. Some people find that undergoing profile testing to make sure they are ‘home business compatible’ ensures they are starting off on the right foot.

Are You Both On The Same Page?

So, before you both sign on the dotted line you need to sit down and understand not only how you and your partner will push your ideas forward, but also how you will tackle the problems, frustrations and delays that will inevitably occur occasionally on your home business journey.  No matter how much you love your family members it doesn’t mean that working closely with them every day is necessarily a good idea; how easy would it be for a minor dispute to turn into a full-blown family fight? 

Make sure you have plenty of activities that you can do both together and independently outside of work so you have lots of other things to talk about.

Can you spend the whole day in your home office with them and then socialise with them in the evening as well, without getting sick of the sight of each other?! And what if one of you decides that you no longer want to work together – can you be sure that wouldn’t irrevocably damage your personal relationship? 

What's The Secret?

It can be a really hard thing to maintain, but there are plenty of home business owners who do set up with family members and achieve fabulously harmonious professional and personal relationships with them – what’s their secret? Well, treating it as a proper working relationship is key; agree your job descriptions, clearly define your roles and frequently review your business goals so you always know exactly where you both stand.

It should go without saying that you both need to respect each other’s wishes and provide on-going support but that’s not always as easy to do as it sounds when you both have equally strong, but differing ideas. Open communication is so important to avoid conflict; make sure you air any issues you might have immediately (and tactfully!) rather than letting them simmer. Ensuring that work and home are kept completely separate is also a good idea; if your day has taken you both in different directions then catch up the next morning; don’t dissect work over the dinner table that evening. 

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