Mobile Device Accessory Gifts

The average freelancer or home worker on the go will already have a range of gadgets and gizmos, which makes it hard for anybody looking to buy them an original gift for that special occasion.

To give you a hand we've picked some of our favourite mobile device accessories which make perfect presents, useful as well as funky!

Or you may want to check out some gifts for your home office or your leisure time.

New start up business owners need to be mobile so check out these accessories

Check out our Christmas stocking fillers below!

Panoramic Camera Tripod For Smartphones

This nifty little Panoramic Camera Tripod for Smartphones will fit into any stocking filler and give lots of delight for budding photographers and keen camera-phone users when opened.

•    Take 240 degree panoramic photos with ease
•    Smooth wind up mechanism is timed at 25 seconds for optimal image quality
•    Simply fit your phone in the clamp, wind up the mechanism, place the tripod on a suitable surface and take a stunning panoramic photograph!
•    Pocket size so you can take it anywhere- ideal for travelling or even nights out

Price: 19.99
Buy it here:

iPhone Power Charger For Out And About

The Oyama OY316-L is a portable power bank to eliminate the frustration of losing charge on those much-loved gadgets when out and about. 

Designed to be light and compact enough to be conveniently carried on the move, without the need to carry additional cables, the OY316-L offers emergency back-up power when it’s needed most, there is also a handy ‘auto-off’ power bank for charging iphone function when the connected device is fully charged.
With a Lightning connector, the Oyama OY316-L is compatible with the latest Apple devices (iPhone 5c, 5s and 5, iPad Mini, iPad 4th Gen, iPod Touch 5th Gen and iPod Nano 7th Gen).

It will provide between 50-80% extra battery life ensuring all Apple fans can boost the juice of their favourite devices wherever they are.

Oyama portable power bank for boosting battery on the go.

Price: £27.95
Buy it here: Phones 4U

Phones And Tablet Charging Station

One of most compact docking stations available, which is also the winner of Red Dot Design Award 2014 for product designpower bank for charging iphone is this charging station to insert various mobile devices.

• Keep 4 devices topped up simultaneously & neatly with unique Velcro cable management
•  4.5 Amp output
•  Smart, fast charging - supports older Samsung tablets & mobile phones
• Comes with 2 short micro USB charging cables & set of silicone device covers

Price: £31
Buy it link:


USB Flash Drive For Downloading From Phone Devices

This is the first USB 3.0 flash drive for moving spreadsheets, video files and other documents from Android smartphones and tablets to Windows PCs, MACs or other Android devices.usb flash drive for mobile device phones

•         Has normal-sized and micro USB connectors on either end that access the same memory.
•         Is perfect for any Android smartphone or tablet businessperson who needs to move data, including busy commuters on a train who need to transfer large files quickly.
•         Is available at Amazon and soon to be available at Tesco Direct.

Price: £22.27
Buy Leef Bridge 3.0 16GB:


iPhone Quilted Cover

For the home business owner who never gets off their phone and wants to keep it protected from knocks and scratches ...iphone quilted cover

•    Quilted case with tartan lining
•    Real leather
•    Click in shell with access to all buttons and ports
•    Slim pocket for extra storage
•    Suitable for iPhone 5 & 5s

Price: £40
Buy it here:

iPhone Glass Cover

Ideal for a stocking filler, this Booq Glass+ will protect your phone or device from everyday wear and tear. iphone glass cover

Available for the iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c and Samsung Galaxy S4 the Booq Glass+ is a screen protector and case combination that protects your phone from everyday bumps and scratches.  Available in black and clear.

Price: £18
Buy it here:         

iPhone Folio Case

The Be.ez LE Littoral for iPad, iPad Air & iPad Mini is a big want on any iPad users Christmas wish list and can be tucked in neatly to the Xmas stocking.
This folio case is a protective sleeve ipad folio coveravailable in the ‘rust’ colour with a cream interior and made with the renowned Be.ez thick cotton canvas for extra protection.

With a nice festive friendly feel, the LE Littoral is a tribute to the traditional blouse worn by seamen in Normandy, France.

Price: £34.90
Buy it here:

iPad Aircoat Protection Cases

Stop your precious iPad from getting scratched and damaged with a protection case. These ultra slim and lightweight designs come in three colours.aircoat ipad cases

•    Luxurious protective cover
•    Made of Vegan Leather
•    Automatic wake up / sleep function
•    Folds horizontally and vertically for both typing and watching videos
•    Soft Microsuede interior that protects the screen from scuffs and scratches

Price: £30
Buy it here:
And here:



The Science Museum Shop's iBed Lap DeskPut your feet up and keep up-to-date with your work emails (oh ok, and have a look at the footy scores as well...) whilst you're on the road, visiting your freelance clients.

This fab iBed lap desk will hold a plate of food, a drink and your tablet and it is padded, so it will comfortably rest on your lap.

Available in either red or blue for just £12, from The Science Museum Shop.



Based on the award winning folding plug design concept, the Mu is the UK’s first foldingFor home workers who travel; the MU folding smartphone charger takes up less room in your luggage USB charger for smartphones.  Reducing the traditional plug size by 70%, it folds to a thinness of just 14mm. And thanks to its patented swivel mechanism, the three pins of the plug are completely hidden, making it as portable as the technology we carry with us each day. 

A true game-changer, the Mu® Adapter’s innovative design signals an end to scratched screens and scraped cases. 

For home workers who travel; the MU folding smartphone charger takes up less room in your luggage

It is compatible with all USB powered smartphones (from Blackberry to iPhone).

The Mu smartphone charger is available to purchase at £25.00.




storage space for the "green" aware home business ownersThe Crosskase Solar 15 backpack is a superb, eco-friendly accessory which is perfect for anyone who loves their essential gadgets and wants to make sure they don’t run out of charge and stay protected whilst away from home.   

The sturdy and Solar 15 features built-in solar panels to allow users to fully charge their handheld devices quickly and conveniently whilst on the move – including phones, cameras, GPS, pocket gaming consoles, e-readers, music devices and more.



CoPilot Live Premium helps freelancers and remote workers find your best way to any destination

CoPilot Live Premium helps you find your best way to any destination with a choice of up to three alternate routes, displaying journey time and mileage for each.

Other benefits include:

* Fine-tuning the route is easy: simply drag the route or destination to the preferred street you wish to take or navigate to. CoPilot Live’s sleek dashboard-style map display provides clear, non-distracting directions.

* Lane Assist arrows, real signpost information and realistic ClearTurn™ display make navigating complex junctions effortless.

* An all-new walking mode makes it easy to find the way around a city on-foot.

* Whether you’re planning to stay in the UK or travel abroad, CoPilot Live’s downloadable maps mean that you won’t be using up all of your data allowance too.

* The app also now comes with 12 Months free ActiveTraffic for CoPilot Live Premium customers – and industry first for a full featured sat-nav app, 12 months free traffic service (usually £9.99) helps makes journeys even easier and quicker

* Prices from £19.99 for the UK and £34.99 for Europe for Android or iPhone devices.


The lightweight Magicwand stylus for mobile working works with all capacitive touch screen devicesThe lightweight Magicwand stylus from MediaDevil works with all capacitive touch screen devices, including the iPad and the iPhone, and is fully compatible with MediaDevil’s Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protector ranges. With a perfectly balanced weight and an 8mm nib, the Magicwand gives precision where a finger can’t.

For example, it can be used to add a handwritten signature to electronic documents.  Those who use their touchscreen device outside or on the go will be relieved they no longer have to remove their gloves as the British winter takes hold, by using the stylus for everything from typing and clicking on icons to doodling.

Importantly for many, using the Magicwand also avoids annoying fingerprints on the device screen. Available in black, hot pink, red or blue.

Available from or Magicwand from £9.97



Magiscreen customised covers to show off your home business logoMediaDevil, has launched the MediaDevil Grafikcase, a product and service giving users the opportunity to have their mobile phone, iPod or iPad case customised with a high-resolution image of their choice.

The Grafikcase is available now for all models of the iPhone, iPod Touch 4G/5G, iPad 2/3, Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Thanks to the use of Thermentive Transfer Technology, these images won’t fade due to the image being embedded under the surface of the plastic —making the final design more durable so it won’t peel off. 

The process is simple, all customers need to do is visit the MediaDevil website, upload a high-resolution image of their choice, and choose between a glossy or matt finished high-quality case. If users don’t have a suitable image, there is also a whole range of different designs from high-profile artists to choose from.

Get your home business logo added to your iPad or iPhoneWhether optimising the advertising space on the back of a phone or tablet by customizing it with a logo, personalising your phone with a creative look or sending as a personalised gift, the Grafikcase is an innovative way to protect essential gadgets.

Check out how great iHubbub's iPad cover looks! Shouldn't your home business logo be displayed for all to see?

The MediaDevil Grafikcase costs £19.97 for the iPhone, iPod Touch 4G/5G, Blackberry Bold 9900 the Samsung Galaxy S II and £39.97 for the iPad 2/3.

Available from at £19.97 for the iPhone, iPod Touch 4G/5G, Blackberry Bold 9900 the Samsung Galaxy S II and £39.97 for the iPad 2/3.


Incipio Smart Feather is compatible with Apple’s Smart coverDesigned to fit with Apple’s Smart cover, Incipio’s sleek and ultra-light Smart Feather for Apple’s new iPad maintains form and functionality while protecting it from dents and scratches. 

The soft-touch matte finish creates a smooth layer and wards off dust, dirt and scratches to the back of the iPad.  The Smart Feather features convenient access to all ports and buttons, whilst large cut-outs allow for easy access to volume controls.  Available in a range of colours, such as black, grey, light blue, navy, lime, pink, red and white/cream. 

Available from Storm Front retail stores and at £29.99



iPad cover with notepad for busy home workersThe Booqpad combines iPad case and notepad into one product. For more information on the range please go to
Prices start from £47.99 | For UK availability please go to



Wacom Bamboo Duo stylus for home business workersWacom Bamboo Duo stylus - a ball-point ink pen at one end and a stylus at the opposite end, this product's elegant design and quality craftmanship is synonymous with all Wacom products.

Bamboo Stylus duo is the ideal tool for writing, drawing or doodling in both a digital and analogue world

The Bamboo Stylus comes with a free iPad app called Bamboo Paper App. 

Available from £24.99


great storage for home workers and business ownersDesigned to protect and adapt for everyday life and commuting, the Crosskase Fusion bag is deceptively spacious, and boasts an inspired urban design which features three bag styles within one compact package – messenger, tote and rucksack.

With an abundance of storage space and several dedicated pockets, the Fusion is ideal for your ultrabook/laptop, phone, documents and more, with a dedicated iPad pocket and front organiser section. Demonstrating the classic styling of Crosskase – clean, contemporary and intelligent – the bag uses Ballistic Nylon construction, inner padding and an exterior flap to ensure items are well protected from the elements and potential theft.

Available now in black or silver, the Fusion is priced at £79.99 inc VAT from, Apple and Amazon.

 Priced at £139.99 it is available now from,  Apple and




iPhone Wallet a Christmas gift for space-saving home office workersInstead of keeping those sneaky receipts, pieces of plastic and troublesome tenners in your pocket where they’re easily lost, tuck them together with your mobile with this handy case!

Not only does it offer some protection for your phone, the iWallet is a super storage solution for the clutter that litters your pocket linings.

With pouches to slip in your credit card, driving license or a few notes, you can be sure that you always leave home with the absolute essentials on your person, as well as being able to keep your emails, texts, pictures, cash and cards all in one place!

Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 30cm £16.95 from



Boostcase for home office owners for ChristmasTry this Boostcase from Firebox. Cover your phone and boost your battery in one. This impressive hybrid system combines gorgeous design and clever technology meaning you get a standalone snap case and a detachable battery sleeve.

This way they can be used separately or formed together to almost double your battery life without sacrificing function, style or portability. 

Boostcase: £59.99



Maroo Nylon iPad2/3 cases for home business owners

These highly fashionable and eye-catching iPad 2 /3 cases all boast Maroo’s patent-pending Secure Guard (SG) BumperTM Technology which not only protects the Apple tablet when it is dropped, but also protects the corners of the device.

The striking cases give multiple viewing angles, providing the perfect position for typing and movie-watching.

To complement the SG Bumper Technology, each case also has a scratch-free, suede interior to protect the iPad ’s screen. 

Available from for £49.



BeeWi Ground Bee headphone great for mobile workers at Christmas The Ground Bee’s are a new pair of retro style headphones that give users the freedom of talk or tunes at the touch of a button.

Great for music loving fashionisata’s and boasting wireless technology using Bluetooth as well as a wired option, users have not one, but two choices of how they want to hear their favourite tracks.

The headphones are available in a range of striking colours, including purple, pink, blue, red, white, chocolate and grey. 

Available from for £59.99.



Compass is a stylish, compact folding stand for iPad-using home business workersstand that works as an easel and a typing stand with all iPads.

As an easel, the Compass beautifully displays the iPad in both portrait and landscape modes. Use the portrait mode for iPhoto slideshows, browsing iBooks or catching up with friends on face time and the landscape mode to kick back with a film or YouTube leaving hands free to enjoy popcorn!

The Compass can also transfer into a typing stand with a simple flip on the secondary leg, this portable stand sits at a perfect angle for comfortable typing on the iPad.  When folded flat the Compass is only 7 inches long by 1 inch wide, which means it won’t take up much space when on the go! 

Available in red, black or silver from Compass at £39.99



Twelve South BookBook for iPhone for home workers and Christmas stocking fillers BookBook for iPhone is a wallet and iPhone case rolled into one pocket-sized, vintage book. This beautiful handmade leather case has a wallet slot on the left and a slot for your iPhone 4/4S on the right. 

It is designed to help people have one home for two possessions they can’t leave the house without: wallet and phone. Locating a wallet can now be done with a simple phone call!

Available from Apple Premium Resellers KRCS Group Limited, Square Group, Compu B Ireland, AT Computers and IQ Music and Computer Solutions Limited for £49.99.




The great thing about Standeazy is its size which fits perfectly on a home office desk The Standeazy fits into a wallet being credit card sized and with the advance in smartphone technology to allow viewing of the likes of bbc iPlayer, netflix, etc and using FaceTime with 3G the use of a smartphone stand that is ultra portable is ever more needed.

Standeazy is simple, inexpensive and fun – it comes in 8 designs and a number of new colours have just been released.

Available on or on Amazon for £4.



Value £49.99
Available from
The Jabra CLIPPER is a clip-on device accessory for mobile working music-lovers on the moveThe Jabra CLIPPER is a stylish, convenient and functional clip-on device - an ideal accessory for the music-lover on the move.

As gadgets get bigger and office workers opt to put all their music on the same device, whether their iPad or iPhone, the CLIPPER enables users to listen to music wirelessly and effortlessly flick between calls and music.

The CLIPPER is a very handy, stylish and reliable little gadget for every music-lover. Available in a pink, blue, white, orange and black, the Jabra CLIPPER offers a colourful design at fantastic value.



Value £99.99
Available from
The Jabra SPORT Bluetooth wireless headphones make it possible for sporty home workers to listen to music and take calls during their home office workoutsThe Jabra SPORT Bluetooth (wireless) headphones make it possible for people to listen to music and take calls during workouts, all without tethering an exerciser to their mobile or music device with an unwanted wire. The headset features a wind-shielded microphone and is US military standard rain, dust and shock certified.

The ergonomic behind-the-ear design, as well as three different pairs of ear gels ensures that Jabra SPORT has both a secure and comfortable fit.

The Jabra SPORT comes with a free download of Endomondo Sports Tracker, a running application for Smartphones with proprietary features designed specifically for Jabra SPORT, including the ability to get quick and easy status updates on speed, distance and lap time simply by tapping the headset.


the ecloth makes an excellent gift for the home business owner

For smaller gadgets, e-cloth’s Phone & Sat Nav Cloth uses thousands of tiny fibres to ensure over 99% of bacteria is removed in one quick swipe. Not to mention making sure your gadget’s looking as good as the day you bought it. Priced at £1.99, it’s a great investment!

Mobile workers may find the e-cloth Phone & MP3 Pouch useful whilst on the go. With a modern graphic design and spring lock, the handy e-cloth pouch looks great, as well as ensuring your phone & MP3 is kept clean or scratch free and secure.  e-cloth Phone & Sat Nav Cloth is available from Lakeland, Tesco, Wilkinson’s and, RRP £1.99



great portable charger for home workersThe world’s first universal charger for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones delivers that emergency battery charge when on the move.

With its innovative gel pad design it clamps to the back of any smartphone, while a tethered USB cable neatly unfolds from underneath -  long enough to reach the phone’s micro USB port. With today’s smartphone offering a complete multimedia experience that quickly drains the battery, the ChargeGenie is indispensable. 

Buy from Energenie ChargeGenie Price: £24.99




great portable charger for home workersThis compact long life LED torch doubles as a phone and tablet charger.

Small enough to slip into a handbag, manbag, briefcase or coat pocket, it can deliver that emergency battery top up when your device’s juice is running low while out and about.  Available from Price: £15.99



great mobile gadget for home workers at Christmas
myBunjee has produced a mobile phone accessory which ensures people keep their mobiles attached to them. It’s unique because there’s nothing like it in the market, and it prevents you from dropping or losing your phone and could save a fortune in replacement screens and repairs!

myBunjee fits any size mobile phone and is available to order online from, they can also be purchased at Carphone Warehouse, Moto Service Stations and Ollie & Nic stores across the UK.

As they all retail from under £10, they’re a great little stocking filler too.

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