Painting Your Home Office

The joy of working from home in your very own home office is that you can decorate it to suit you and the way you want to work. Colour can play a really important part in terms of your mood, and if you are in your home office for many hours a day with all the start up business challenges entrepreneurs face then it makes good business and personal sense to choose a colour scheme that inspires you.

There have been tons of studies on how colour influences us ... something which most large corporate company offices have failed to address, let alone new business start ups. But wait, there are a few exceptions, like Google for example, who have worked out that happy workers mean productive ones!

How a boss expects his workers to stay energised throughout the day when they're completely surrounded by various shades of grey is astounding!

The joy of working from home in your very own home office is that you can decorate it to suit you and the way you want to work.

Choose Your Mood

Rosalind Brookman dons her painting overalls and checks out the colour charts!

Light Blue And Lavender

The thought of being calm and relaxed is a lovely one, but when you're sitting in your home office, ready to get going on your business plan that might not be the most helpful mood to be in! So avoid light blues and lavender on your walls if you want to feel dynamic every time you walk through the door.

Strong Blue

However....a stronger shade of blue is meant to increase home business productivity, and is the most popular colour for home offices. It also (apparently) helps to curb rampant appetites so maybe I should shut that biscuit tin and get out my paintbrush...!


A warm colour, which feels inviting and cheery, and promotes a healthy degree of energy as you work. Yellow also helps you to think clearly and focus on those important new business tasks at hand. Four walls of it could induce fatigue and eye strain though, so perhaps limit it to one or two instead.

Emma Betsy, from Emma Jane Interiors says:

Yellow's a super colour for an office environment. It's happy, uplifting, light, bright, mentally stimulating, optimistic and logical!


Another warm colour and one that you see spread happily around iHubbub's branding. This one also envokes excitment and enthusiasm - something you should have a lot of as you market your business start-up to others!


On your walls, this is a fresh colour, giving your room a natural and organic feeling. Combining green walls with a wide open window on a beautiful sunny morning - what a great way to feel motivated! Take a peek at our member's home office interiors to give you some inspiring ideas.

Take a peek at our member's home office interiors to give you some inspiring ideas.


The brilliance of a bright red is especially associated with high levels of energy and assertiveness; perfect for a more sales-based home business but perhaps being surrounded by it when you are trying to focus could be a drawback! If it's your favourite colour you could try painting just one wall of your home office (not the one you sit facing) instead, so it doesn't overwhelm you.


Purple is strongly associated with wealth and success (the Queen wears a lot of purple) so perhaps a couple of walls in your home office painted purple might help you hit the big time! Especially if you are a home business entrepreneur on a mission and determined to get your business start up successful in a short period of time - then the thought of your purple powered wealth could help you get there!


Brown inspires feelings of reliability (which is a good earthy thing for a home business owner) and boredom (which is definitely not). It's hard to see why you would want to paint your office brown, but if you do, beware of visitors happy to give you work, but also yawning a lot as you speak!

Well, who knows - is brown the new black?


Apart from the fact that it's slimming, you just wouldn't, would you?


Brighter colours can be inspiring, but if you don't want to feel overwhelmed by them, keep them as an accent colour here and there. How about refreshing your walls with a simple and clean white paint, but then using a vivid hue for window dressings, picture frames and rugs?

If you really want to make an impression, paint the skirting boards and door in the same shade.

Make It Your Home Office Design 

It's one thing having a stylish home office, but beware simply turning it into a page out of a design catalogue. You want it to feel that it belongs to you, so think about who you are (or even who you want to be) and then add some really personal touches.

For example; how about designing your office to match the branding of your freelance home business (you may have to go back to the accent colour idea if your brand is neon pink and green however!)?

If you are an artist who takes their inspiration from the African plains then perhaps wall colours of yellow or orange, with the addition of a few animal print cushions scattered about would help you get in 'the zone' when you start to create?

Whichever colours you choose, make sure that your home office reflects a space which motivates, inspires and delights you!

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