Pamper Your Feet

After you've read our Expert Foot Care Advice guide, and given your poor home working feet some relief with our Problem Feet Products, it's time to indulge them with some well-deserved pampering! 

So take a break from your home office, slip off your socks and give yourself a 'Me Moment' - iHubbub has found some perfect lotions, potions and treats for you to say 'thank you' to your feet for all the hard work they do!

Keep your home working feet in tip top condition to keep your new start up home business on the move




Soften up hard skin on home working feet with Scholl's Dry Skin ExfoliatorScholl Dry Skin Exfoliator  

It’s specially created to care for the unique characteristics of the skin on the foot.

It has an instant exfoliating action and clinically proven to remove rough, hard skin and promote natural cell renewal. 

It leaves your feet soft smooth and conditioned. 

taking care of your home business owning feet!





Relieve those tired home business feet with a pampering Carnation Exfoliating Foot ScrubCarnation's Exfoliating Foot Scrub  

It’s specially formulated to leave your feet smooth and reinvigorated.  

Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell effectively remove rough, hard skin while mineral oil moisturises the treated area. 


taking care of your home business owning feet!





Scholl Dry Skin Instant Recovery Cream  

It contains the innovative Scholl Deep Hydrate™ formula which gently exfoliates dead dry skin cells, allowing special moisture boosters to penetrate deep into the skin. 

It promotes an effective moisture level from within, providing feet with long lasting 24 hour intensive moisturisation. 





Lulu's Time Bomb Sole Survivor Foot Cream enriches home working feetLulu's Time Bomb Sole Survivor Foot Cream

This rich cream is enriched with eucalyptus oil and green tea leaf extract to help soothe tired feet and moisturise and improve the appearance of dry skin.


 a special treat for the feet of home business workers






Oriflame's Feet Up Rescue Foot Mask moisturises home working feet all night longFeet Up Rescue Foot Mask

Effective hydration for dry, tired and aching feet with Intensive Care Complex, Beeswax, and Shea Butter to nourish and soften.

It restores and revitalises.

Leave it on for at least 20 minutes but for best results apply it before bed and sleep with socks on it - this guarantees silky smooth feet in the morning! 

taking care of your home business owning feet!





Soothe and soften even the hardest home working feet with Oriflame's Feet Up Soothing Foot CreamFeet Up Soothing Foot Cream by Oriflame

Soothe and soften even the hardest working feet. 

Moisturising wheat germ oil and soothing orange blossom are combined in this rich, quickly-absorbed cream.  

Use anytime for lasting hydration with a bright fragrance. 


taking care of your home business owning feet!






Cool and relieve tired, heavy, home working legs and feet with Oriflame's Feet Up Advanced Stimulating Crackling Leg MousseFeet Up Advanced Stimulating Cooling Relief Crackling Leg Mousse by Oriflame 

It has an innovative formulation with Chill-Action Technology, which gives a crackling sensation when applied.  

It instantly cools and relieves tired, heavy legs.  

It contains soothing Horse Chestnut, refreshing Lemon and Intensive Care Complex.  

150 ml - £6.95





Soak and soften freelancer feet with Peppermint & Plum Foot Soak from Beauty NaturalsPeppermint & Plum Softening Foot Soak from Beauty Naturals 

This foot soak, infused with peppermint and plum extracts, softens rough, dry patches on soles and heels, preparing feet for exfoliation. 

Now with tea tree oil to soothe and relax tired feet. 


taking care of your home business owning feet!






Soak those aching mobile working feet with Dr Rose Foot Salts from Beauty NaturalsDr Rose Foot Salts from Beauty Naturals 

An effective treatment for problem or tired, aching feet. 

Instant relief for tired aching feet these cooling and deodorising salts are infused with skin softening Borax and essences of tea tree, lavender and peppermint. 

Lavender eases tension and relieves aches and pains, peppermint is cooling, and tea tree is naturally antibacterial. 

100g sachet - £3




Wear Heels With Comfort

Wear your mobile working heels with comfort thanks to Kiwi's Heel Gel CushionsKiwi Shoe Passion Heel Gel Cushions 

Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or a long day at work - these Heel Gel Cushions offer optimum comfort in the highest of heels.

Help put a spring in your step and ease the burning pressure on heels by protecting and cushioning the heel area with the latest gel cushion technology.



 foot comfort at Christmas parties for home business workers




Bring relief to mobile workers' feet with Scholl Ball of Foot Gel CushionsKiwi Shoe Passion Ball of Foot Gel Cushions

Give extra relief to the area that can ache the most, with Shoe Passion Gel Cushions for the ball of the foot. 

Make sure that favourite pair of heels can be worn with confidence by giving your feet added relief and long-lasting comfort. 



 foot comfort at Christmas parties for home business workers





Mobile workers' feet will feel like they're walking on air with Kiwi Gel Cushions InsolesKiwi Shoe Passion Gel Cushion Insoles 

Get that ‘walking on air’ feeling with these sleek air cushioned insoles. Providing enhanced cushioning to sensitive areas – such as the heel and ball of the foot giving 2 in 1 relief. The special soft top cloth provides ultimate comfort all day long.

What’s more, if the gel cushions are looking a little tired, they can be washed and re-used – so they’re as good as new for next time!


 foot comfort at Christmas parties for home business workers




Keep freelancing feet walking comfortably with Kiwi Heel Gel LinersKiwi Shoe Passion Heel Gel Liners  

Prevent your feet from slipping out and rubbing against the back of the shoes. 

These Gel Heel Liners are designed to mould effortlessly to the shape of your heel, offering the perfect skin protection from nasty friction and rubbing.


 foot comfort at Christmas parties for home business workers





Carnation Tip Toes keep home workers' feet looking and feeling good day and nightCarnation Tip Toes Gel Cushions are invisible gel cushions designed to prevent soreness and pain in the balls of the feet whilst offering maximum comfort in most shoe styles, especially high-heeled fashion shoes. 

Meaning you get extra pain-free time on the dancefloor - perfect


 foot comfort at Christmas parties for home business workers






Nail Varnish


Cheer up your home working toenails with Nails Inc nail varnishNails Inc St James Nail Polish 10ml



colouring all you home working businesswomen beautiful!






 Glitter up your freelancer feet with Nails Inc Glitter Duo nail varnish


Nails Inc Best of British Glitter Duo


colouring all you home working businesswomen beautiful!





Little Luxuries


Keep your feet snug under your home office desk with Carnation's SilversocksCarnation's Silversocks will keep your tootsies toasty all winter long and save you wearing 10 pairs of socks at a time in an effort to keep warm. 











Sanindusa Sensis corner hydromassage and steam cabin; a luxury for tired home working feetSanindusa Sensis corner hydromassage and steam cabin

Combining a series of natural therapies including reflexology, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy and Turkish bath, the Sensis corner hydromassage and steam cabin gives users a spa experience in the comfort of their home. 

When seated, users can enjoy various massages performed by 6 injectors which are positioned so that they target specific points of the back and 2 injectors which work on the calf of the leg. 

Water jets are also positioned to massage the soles of the feet.



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