Ready Your Feet For Winter

When the sun decides to visit other sunnier climes and goes AWOL for the next few months it’s time to give your neglected sandal-cracked feet a makeover so they’re ready to spend the winter months nestling inside socks and slippers whilst you work away in your home office.

Rosalind Brookman, Editorial Assistant at iHubbub, rummaged through her drawer for her thermal socks and found out how to ensure your feet are ready to face the cold.


Set Them Free One Last Time

Quick ... before the frost sets in walk barefoot – give your feet a breather by stripping off socks and walking unfettered. It’s good for your posture, gets you out of your office for a garden break and fresh, dewy grass feels wonderful between your toes!  

 Set your home working feet free and take a barefoot walk in the grass

Ahh, just feel that freedom ... that delicious sensation of the breeze between your toes. And the naughtiness of sneaking away from your home office.

Set your home working feet free and take that last barefoot walk in the grass in summer before it's time to wiggle them in front of a warm toastie winter fire


Insulation in shoes is good, such as lambswool insoles.


Perfect 'Me Time'

Those dark winter evenings can be the perfect time for stepping away from your home business, having a hot bath and paying some attention to your feet.

Stop problems before they occur: check them regularly for emerging corns or a verruca and treat them with the appropriate products. Use a foot file to remove rough skin and then slather them in moisturiser.


Paul Beadsworth tells us how to have healthy home working feetPaul Beadsworth

A Shuropody podiatrist gives this advice:

During winter it is best to be in socks to keep your feet insulated. Wool socks are better than cotton socks at absorbing moisture therefore preventing the feet getting too sweaty. Also wearing socks can protect the feet from receiving too much trauma to nails and protect the skin from fungal skin infections.


If you want to really soften them up then moisturise just before you go to bed and pop some socks on overnight - bliss! We even tried this walking about iHubbub's Home Office. Sure, it's a bit squelchy but who cares when out come softer feet.

Make your own foot scrub by mixing some sea salt or sugar (for exfoliation) with your favourite essential oil perhaps lavender to relax aching feet or a drop of peppermint to revitalise tired toes!

Why not have a look at Dr Bronner's Peppermint feet lotion on our Health and Fitness gift page or discover our other feet pampering products?


Pamper Them

Have an hour's reflexology treatment and a fabulous foot massage concentrating on all your pressure points. Better still take an evening course and then you and your partner can perform a foot pampering session every night!

Any pedicure or foot treatment whether done in a beauty salon or at home will give the rest of your body the same healing effects that it gives your feet. Total me time!

Make use of that foot spa pressie you got that is still gift-wrapped; you can even slip it under your home office desk for a treat whilst you're working. Here's a thing - why not nick your kids' marbles and add them to the bottom of the bowl for added pressure on your aching pads ... sheer bliss!

Oriflame recommend their Feet Up Relaxing Foot Bath for adding to a foot spa - have you tried this? Please do let us know in the comments below so we know what this treatment is like. The ingredients include lavender oil and soothing eucalyptus oil for a relaxing, fragrant soak. Altogether now....aaaaaaaah!


Colour Them Beautiful

Add some colour to your winter and pep up those tired home working feet with some nail varnish – pick your favourite and paint it on, or get creative and try rainbow colours across all ten nails! Be whacky and use your home business branding colours.

Nails Inc. gave us this piece of advice:

Wear a beautiful colour on your toes like classic red, or a gorgeous glitter to shake away winter blues (a pop of colour when you remove tights will instantly cheer you up!) Don't forget a anti staining base coat.

Give your home working feet a good pampering

Women ... and indeed even some men (!) spend a huge amount of time on their feet every day and it's probably the last bit of the body that gets any attention.

And if all else fails give your toe nails a quick dash of see-through varnish or match the colours to the flowering plants on your home office windowsill to bring your feet to life!

If your feet still need a bit more TLC then consult our Expert Foot Care Advice. And get some more feetie advice by checking out our other guides to looking after your feet such as Christmas Party Feet and Feet On The Go - all in our Home Working Feet.


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