Setting Up Your Freelance Website

As the successful author of Create A Successful Website and long time freelancer herself, iHubbub editor Paula Wynne encourages all freelancers to use a website as a progressive route to ensure they find regular clients through putting themselves out into the internet. 

Here she shares her ‘golden rules’ for creating a successful freelancer's website:

1. Decide if you are going to start with a simple blog or possibly check out free websites and pay monthly sites as there as some fantastic resources available.

2. Research, brainstorm and plan your site to build your ‘brand’. Keep it stylish and consistent across all pages, avoiding cheap clip art and flashy animation. 

3. Map your navigation menu with relevant tabs, aiming to have all your skills and talents featured as well as any other expertise and skills your audience may find interesting.

Setting Up Your Freelance Website

4. Create a dialogue with your visitors through good content and add value by uploading articles, snippets and images of your work. 

5. Make your content ‘sticky’ so your audience keeps coming back – this means new, fresh and constant updates, which Google loves. Don’t throw up a few pages and then forget about it. Instead, use your site as the ‘window’ to your freelance potential. Different pages for each area of your service is essential. Ensure they each have relevant and specific keywords to entice search engines to crawl your content.

6. Start building your ‘platform’ of fans and followers with keywords. Decide on your primary keywords to use in On Page Optimisation and make sure all your pages have these words in the title and the page description. To find out more about SEO, you may want to attend one of Paula’s workshops:

 7. Start a link building campaign to create back links by contacting other freelancers in the area and ask for links, also request link swaps with other relevant products or services. PR is an excellent source of quality links, which will increase your Page Rank as well as your Google search rank.


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