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If you have recently started a home business you probably aren't going to be able to spend a fortune on business marketing. So how are you going to get your product or service noticed, not only where you live, but also nationwide?

iHubbub's editor Paula Wynne (who is the bestselling author of Pimp My Site) has put together a comprehensive list of key points to help freelancers and small business start-ups build a winning website. You'll also want to grab a coffee and get stuck into some great DIY learning and find out how to start marketing your home business and getting publicity for your home business.

Before you hit the 'Open For Business' sign, find out 7 key points to ensuring your business is really open and rearing to go.

If you have recently started a home business you probably aren't going to be able to spend a fortune on business marketing so find out how to market your home business

A great way to ensure local, regional and national visitors find you tucked away in a remote area is to create a successfully optimised website and to promote it through the media.

So before you start marketing a home business or your online home based internet business check out these important elements on how to get your site optimised and indexed by search engines.

7 Key Points 

1. Use SEO Tools to ensure you get all the right keywords, first brainstorm all your keywords and then ask customers, friends and colleagues what words they would use to find your kind of shop.

2. Decide on your primary keywords to use in On Page Optimisation and make sure all your pages have these words in the title, the page description and ‘knit’ them throughout your page content.

3. If your shop also specialises in something specific, find and use those keywords to create ‘landing pages’ which you should also optimise.

4. Once you have established your primary and secondary keywords trying creating pages on your website and add those keywords with your region or area before or after the keyword. Sprinkle the page content with these words - a general rule of thumb is to keep repeating your keywords, but do be careful not to ‘stuff’ keywords so it becomes boring for your readers and suspicious to the search engines.

5. An example of some keywords to optimise would be ‘(type of) shop in x county’, ‘(type of) shop in x town’, or ‘specialist (type of) shop in x town’. 

6. Start a link building campaign to create back links by contacting other shops in the area and ask for links, also request link swaps with other shops or online services that have a synergy with your shop.

7. Send interesting and newsworthy press releases to local, regional and national media and ensure you optimise your release by using your keywords throughout. This will help you to get good quality links back to your site and at the same time give you exposure in the press. 

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