The Benefits Of Biophilic Home Office Design

Finding the perfect balance between personal living space and professional office space can often be a source of much contempt for those working from home.

Whether you’re using a temporary set up in the dining room or you’ve tucked yourself away in a box room come study, finding the right space to fuel your output is a necessary element of your business. If you’re uncomfortable and distracted you’re simply not going to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard.

So what if we told you a plant could change your productivity? Or that natural light could boost your attitude to work?

Design to Suit Your Home and Office ...

A study conducted by Professor Sir Cary Cooper found that the most asked for elements of office design highlighted our hereditary affinity towards the natural world. The aspects ranked highest in a study of 7600 people, from 16 different countries were as follows:

1. Natural light
2. Live indoor plants
3. Quiet working space
4. View of the sea
5. Bright colours

Whilst you may find escaping the office to work at home is a liberating experience, the same issues could plague your creativity. Look around your workspace, do you really think it has all five points?

A view of the sea may of course be a tricky element to achieve, but when it comes to the other elements homeworkers have no excuse. When we’re creating the perfect home office it’s important to take it seriously to maximise your productivity. Whilst it’s tempting to stay in your pyjamas and sit at the dinner table typing away whilst waiting for the washer to stop spinning, this really isn’t the right environment to work at your best.

So how do we make sure our home office meets these needs?

Natural Home Office Light

47% of those asked didn’t have natural light available to them in the office. This astounding revelation is cause for concern when we consider the health impact it can have. Starving the skin of Vitamin D by hiding away from sunlight can cause SAD. This disorder leads to similar symptoms as depression and can affect both our worklife and homelife.

If you’ve crammed your home office into a small spare room with a tiny window, why not add metallic highlights, mirrors and light wallpaper to enhance the daylight hours. Make sure every little ray of sunshine counts and open those windows even on a grey day.

Live Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can boost the perceived air quality in a room, giving the placebo effect that your work is being fuelled by fresh air. Whilst it may be too cold or noisy to open a window, a little greenery around the room or on the desk could give you the same positive lift.

Not only that, but aspects of natural life give us a sense of the outdoors that we crave when trapped indoors.

Quiet Home Working Space

Noisy neighbours and general sounds from the outdoors will instantly prove an issue. You may think your home will provide the perfect working environment when compared to the hustle and bustle of an open plan office, but the slightest distraction may throw you off. The ticking of a clock, spinning of a washing machine and even the sound of passers-by on the street.

To evoke a sense of natural relaxation and help you focus on your work, play a soundtrack of outdoor noises such as waves, rain and bird song. These natural occurrences are loud enough to block out any unnatural sound that will break your concentration, but don’t have a catchy melody that could cause your focus to waiver.

Bright Home Office Colours

You have to be careful when implementing bright colours. This doesn't necessarily mean bright blaring patterns on every wall; a little colour to break up blank walls can make all the difference.

Busy patterns could actually cause too much visual stimulation and lead to distractions, so use colour sparingly and think naturally. You may want to take inspiration from the theme of live indoor plants and create a feature wall mural inspired by open landscapes.

Such salient design is sure to impress visiting clients without cause distraction to the task at hand.

Make sure you don’t shut yourself away from the outside world. Embrace your love of all things natural and bring invite elements of the outdoors through your front door. By applying this natural trend you’ll create adaptable interior that suits your home and office.

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